Hunger games (My version) 4

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Chapter 4:

I wake up when a knock on my door comes I go to the door and open it. Its Effie " Get ready we have a big day ahead of us!" she shrieks. Man I wonder what's going on in that womens head. I take a shower get some cloths that were set out for me and I go to breakfast.

I see Haymich and John eating and I sit down next to John. What I see on the table looks like a feast it has eggs,bacon,hashbrowns,sausage,waffles,pancakes,breakfast sandwiches,orange juice,and milk.

Man with this much it could oh keep my family up for weeks! My family. I wonder what they are doing is mother taking care of my brother and sister as she promise and feeding them and comforting them? Or is she going into depression and not caring. When we get to the capital it looks so much better as they say it on tv.

When we get there we see all of these people cheering for us John looks surprised at me I guess he thinks I'm a little kid but I don't care. When we stop we are taken inside the capital it looks marvelous

we are taken inside the makeover room. The waxing was the most painful but I resists I had to be cleaned again cause I was really dirty. Then they took me to my stylist Stacy she was all green everything about her was green it hurt my eyes. She told her and Johns stylist Violet decided to do more of a flame outfit. It looked beautiful it was black with flames on the collar and wrist and it also had a puffy dress looking. When I was done getting ready I looked at the other tributes they looked magnificent. When me and John were on the cart they set us off. When we set off I started to wave at everyone and they loved me. When we reaches the end President Snow started to give this whole speech about.the uprising. When we were done we went to our apartment it looked beautiful.

We started to eat we had roast chicken with mashed potato,Mac and cheese,gravy,and rice. The taste was so good when everyone was done eating we all went to bed.


I was in the arena and I see a dark shadow holding someone a person.

It looks like my little sister.WILLOW!

LET GO OF HER! But the person slits her head off of her body. I look down and start to cry.


I wake up with sweat on my body its still night time so I go to the bathroom and wash my face. Then I then I go back to bed.

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