They run for me, but I run out and shut the door and go into another room. No one is in here. I go to the bed and sit down to catch my breath. Although it didn't last long...

"RAWRRR!!!" Two arms come out from behind me and envelope me in a back hug. I scream, scarred. It caught me off guard okay?

"I got her!!" It was definitely, Louis. I felt the electricity rush though my body. "Muahaha!" He shouts into the air.

"Louis. I'm about to be deaf already!!!!" I shout back squirming from his grip. But of course abs and muscles beat pettiness, so he won. Then 4 boys and 4 girls rush in.

"I don't like you." I give the girls the 'So dead' look. They just giggle.

"So what is your weakness, Miss Lucy?" Liam wiggles his eyebrows at me. And to think I thought he was Daddy Direction! Forget that title!

"I don't have one, weirdo." I answer, but he puts his hand where is heart is and acts hurt.

"Don't lie, Luce. 4 girls are also in the room who know everything about you." Sophie crosses her arms.

"Do tell, babe." Zayn slides an arm around her waist.

"I'll be nice and say....she's..." She taps her chin before answering. "...ticklish." Oh crap.

Before I realize it, Louis lets me go and starts tickling my sides, which sucks cause that's my worst ticklish spot. I scream and laugh while crying of laughter.

"Louis!!...s-stop!!" I try saying between laughs. Once in a while I was able to tickle him, but of course his 'Boobear' (Harry as you know) would help him out, so I would lose.

While being tickled I see Zayn scoop Sophie in his arms, gives her a kiss and runs out the room. Ooh la la!!!!

Niall and Cher walk out hand in hand. Liam and Danielle follow. And Lily is laughing her ass off at Louis, Harry and me.

Harry finally left me alone and threw Lily over his shoulder running to I'm guessing their room. Louis finally stopped my torture. I wiped my tears off my shirt and he was just smiling like a maniac.

I hit him in the arm. "" I said in between breaths, but smiled.

"So. C'mon tell me the big secret." He presses.

"Uhh. Fine." I gave up. We both sat up in bed and I told him.


*Liam's P.O.V.*

"Fine. I'll make something for you, Niall." I gave up to his constant begging as we go downstairs.

"At least Lucy forgot the thing Zayn was about to say. You know about us having to leave." Niall adds with a sigh. "She got to have a little good time just now."

"But we have to tell her soon. 'Cause we are leaving the day after tomorrow." Cher added. Niall nods in agreement also with a sad face, so do me and Danielle.

"I swear to god, if Louis doesn't ask Luce out. I will slap the crap out of him!" She says but only for the people in the room to hear.

"No worries. If Louis wimps out Harry's got a plan." Zayn comes up from the basement stairs shirtless.

Danielle asks for us all.  "Ok. First, hun, you forgot your shirt. Second, what the hell are you talking about?"

"Louis' P.O.V*

"-and, so I was a bit embarrassed to tell you guys.....Then that's when you guys decided to scare the sh!t out of me." Lucy ends with a laugh. So adorable.

"Let that be a lesson to you. The girls have had to put up with that and they still do." I point my finger to her.

"Yeah. Ok." She rolls her eyes teasingly. That was hot!

"Three second head start." I warned her.

"What?" She asked.



"Two." I continue.

"Uh oh." She got up and ran.

"THREE!!!!!" I screamed jumping off the bed, after her.

"Lucy's P.O.V.*

I tried running down the stairs quietly, but fast.

"WHAT?! She'll have a heart attack! We can't do that to Lucy!" I heard someone what sounded like Cher quietly shout in the kitchen. I ran right in the kitchen when she said that. If I was upstairs I wouldn't have heard it.

Five heads shot towards me. Cher face-palmed herself. Zayn glared at her. Liam had the 'oh sh!t' look one along with Niall. And Danielle took a bite of an apple awkwardly. I finally say something.

"Can't do what to me?"

Author's Note: Hope you like. Sorry it was so short. Well it's short to meh XD It might be a while for the next chappie since school starts. But I will try :D So.....

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