Save You Tonight

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----Harry's POV---

They've done it!

They've tracked down the number which Abigail had called from! I was thankful for all technology. Right when Niall had gotten the phone call from Abigail, Phoebe went ahead and called the police. They had notified us that the call was made from a small town not far away from here. Abby's mother had started crying and panicking, as well as her brother Tony.

He still grew furious at the sight of me. He wanted me no where near their house after the mall incident. But I had to help on finding Abigail. I wasn't giving up until I had her in my arms once again.

The police had warned us not to do anything. A few of us would tag along, with them when they would 'rescue' Abby. We had a plan too, but I wasn't patient. I wasn't waiting another day!

I had to do this. I exited the flat I shared with the boys, and got into my car. I started driving to the address where Abby was being held captive.


I had finally arrived at the abandoned house. This was where the phone call was tracked down to. It looked like nobody was home. I got out of the car, and was about to knock on the door when I realized that was a very bad idea.

Instead, I went around the tiny house, searching for another way in. There was a window slightly open. After prying it open, which took me very long, I climbed in. The place was horrid. Beer bottles scattered everywhere, along with rags, and many other unknown things.

I slowly and quietly made my way to what seemed a living room. There was nobody home. 

Tip-toeing, I made my way into the dim hallway. There were only two doors. I opened up the first door, and nearly puked. Quickly, I shut the door. The bathroom was a mess. I would sure be having some nightmares.

The other door must be a bedroom, I thought. The door creaked as I opened it. This room was a bit cleaner than the rest of the house, but it was still a mess.

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