Chapter 13

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" Rollercoaster!" Louis shouted as we walked in to the amusement park. Yes, amusement park. Why on earth would I go to a place like this with the 5 most immature guys on the planet? They all got on their hands and knees and begged me to go. Now Louis was trying to get me to go on a rollercoaster with him and Niall.

" ugh fine Louis" I gave in. Him and Niall squealed in joy. Liam and Harry were at the water park part of the place because Harry was scared of rollercoasters. I don't get why, there so much fun!

" Front seat!!" Niall shouted as he climbed into the front , Lou and I followed him and I started to strap in my seat.

" Char! It won't click!" Louis said frantically trying to get his seatbelt thingy to stay. I reached over and pushed his seat down.

" really Lou?" I said as it magically stayed.

" love, you just have the magic touch." he said winking at me. I rolled my eyes as the seats started to move forward. The boys started to scream as we moved up the hill. Only they would scream going up a hill... As we moved through the course the only noise I could here was the skin of Louis' high pitched scream. Of course he had a girl scream...

" so much fun!" Niall screamed while doing a fist pump. That boy...

" my hair!" Louis screeched. I looked over to him, his hair was completely messed up. It was sticking up in every direction. He ran his fingers through his hair, one piece continued to stick up annoying Louis. " okay fuck it." he threw his hand up in defeat. I giggled at him.

" guys! Look who we found!" I heard Harry's voice say. He came up to us with hayley next to him. Great. Well at least Harry and I get to be a couple today.

" hey babe" Louis said giving her a hug, he made a gagging face behind her back. I held in a giggle, he really did not like that girl.

" sweetheart, why don't you get into your bathing suit so we can go on some water slides together?" Harry suggested.

" Kay babe." I said pulling off my tanktop to reveal my bikini top. I tugged down my shorts and put my clothes with our bags. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me to a line. " I really wanted to ditch them." he chuckled.

" tell me about it." I sighed. Liam and Niall came over to us. " we will be staying with you two! The wicked witch of the west is quite annoying." Liam said. I smiled.

" I know. And she's demanding." I looked over to where Hayley was pulling Lou to the chairs to tan. I know for a fact that Louis would rather be on the rides than tanning.

" Well at least we got away from her" Harry said sitting in the four seater tube. I got in next to him, and Liam got in next to me. We floated down the slide, all of us screaming for fun. The slide wasn't fun at all, it was quite boring actually. " I wanna go on that one, Charlotte!" Harry said pointing to the biggest slide here.

" yes!" I shouted, grabbing Harry's hand and running. We got in line and Niall and Liam ran up to us completely out of breath. " you guys run to fast!" Niall said.

" no, you guys run to slow!" I protested. Harry chuckled, " babe I think you're right, they do run to slow." he wrapped one arm around my waist.

" You do know that when Hayleys not around you don't have to act like a couple right?" Liam said. Ugh why did he have to point that out! I was enjoying this!

" Umm practice?" Harry said. It sounded more like a question but Liam dropped the subject.

" I'm hungry!" Niall complained.

" mate, youre always hungry." Harry pointed out. Niall shrugged.

We were finally at the front of the line, " me first!" Harry shouted going down the slide. I laughed at his immaturity. I got over to the slide and went down when the guy told me I could go. The slide was actually pretty fun, but one minor problem occurred when I reached the end. My top was about to become untied. I saw harry come up to me. " Harry can you please tie my bathing suit." I begged, holding my straps.

He laughed, " but you would look so much better with it off!" he joked. I glared at him and he laughed even more ." fine!" he gave in. He walked behind me and motted the straps. " happy now?" he asked.

" yes Hazz, I am." I replied.

" but I dont get a reward!" Harry said faking being surprised.

" what did you have in mind?" I asked. He leaned in and kissed me, I smiled into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck.

" what are you two doing!" a voice screamed. We pulled apart fast and looked to see Niall and Liam with very angry expressions on their face.

" oh um nothing?" Harry said. This however did not help the situation.

" really nothing? It looked like you two were just snogging!" Liam yelled.

" no! Of course not! We where just umm whispering!" Harry said. I rolled my eyes

" how could you two do this! Charlotte, Louis is in love with you! And Harry your his best friend! " Liam scolded us.

" Louis has a girlfriend!" I said defending myself.

" he doesn't love her! And you where his girlfriend!" Niall said.

" whatever, me and Harry aren't dating anyway. We just uh got caught up in the moment." I said. Harry nodded.

" what happened?" Louis said from behind us.

" nothing lad, it's just these two lovebirds here can't keep there hands off of each other." Liam said.

" yupp definitely!" Harry said wrapping his arms around me from behind. I fake smiled.

" aww you two are soo cute!" Hayley said, Shrieking with delight.

" Well Hayleys spending the night, so we better get going!" Louis said with fake enthusiasim.

" what's going on?" zayn said walking over to us. He had been sleeping all day on one of the pool chairs.

" nothing zayn." we all said.

Okay so comment who you like Charlotte better with! Harry or Louis?

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