Chapter 2- Juniper's Mad

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Chapter 2- water or foliage

"Grover, Truth or Dare?" asked Nico. Grover jumped, great now he had to choose.

"Ummm... Dare?" Grover decided. Nico smiled eviley.

"I dare you to go to the lake with Percy and kiss the first Nymph." Grover gulped. He was so glad Juniper was over at her friends house.

"Hey, why do I have to go?" asked Percy.

"To make sure he does it." Said Nico. Grover jumped off the bunk he had been sitting on.

"Let's go." Percy and Grover stepped out and headed over to the lake. Percy stuck his head in the lake and a Nymph floated up and looked at Grover. Grover sighed and kissed the Nymph who almost pulled him under. He stood up and turned around, it was over. He blinked and found a very red Juniper standing in front of him.

"Juniper!" he asked. Juniper slapped him across the face and poofed into green smoke. "Juniper!" he called and began running towards Junipers tree in the forest. When he past Nico rolling over laughing behind a tree. He gave him a look that he hopped said I'll kill you later (FYI- Nico was slightly scared of Grovers glare) and ran off to Junipers tree.

Percys POV:

Percy walked next to Nico back to his cabin- he had to admit that seeing Grover being slapped was sort of funny. He walked into the room and Rachel asked.

"Where's Grover?" Nico laughed from the floor.

"He's chasing Juniper, she kind of, ended up there." He glared at Nico. "So, I guess I'll pick. Umm... Jason, Truth or Dare?..."

Grover: why did you make me kiss a girl in front of my girlfriend?

Me: just be glad I didn't make you do what my friend suggested

Grover: which was?

Me: that you would have to lick cheese off Percys check.



Me: That's what I said. And I REALLY need help with TRUTHS, so send some truths- I suck at truths.

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