*****Next Day**********

**Beths P.O.V********

My alarm beeped,I looked at the time 7:30,why the heck did I set it to this time!

I ran to the bathroom and put my pyjamas in the cleaning basket and hoped in the shower singing Ed sheerans Lego House, I'm gonna pick up the peices and build lego house when things go wrong I can always build another one...Shoot Becky

"Becky get your arse down to breakfast and get marie to feed you something" I shouted from the shower.

I ran across the hallway and inot my bedroom hoping no-one would see me and changed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/1st_day_out/set?id=56730981 Assuming that Becky new we were going surfing.I ran down stairs into the kitchen and saw Becky wearing her I love Justing tee and her Daisy Dukes and Zara Flip Flops

"Becky You know we're going surfing right?"

"Yep but Beth can I just lay on the beach I'm trying to soak up a tan"

"Sure just wear my bronzing suncream I don't want you coming home looking like a tomato!"

"Fine,Is the beach a good beach?"  

"Yeah you have to own at least three houses to get in there so there are a few celebrities there,anyway you've finished your breakfast so lets get going,thanks marie!''

''No problem Beth,Have a good time!"

"So Becky Im going to take the porche but put the sunroof over it so I can put my surboard on is that okay?''

"Yeah its fine Beth,its your car anyway!"

*************************************At the beach*****************************************************

"How about those sunbed becky''

"Okay sure''

I'm goignt to leave my stuff here and go ask Ricky,the surf lender for oil for the surf board you stay here okay and watch me okay do't let the bags go away okay!"


Some lifeguard pervert whistled at me In response I just shouted Pervert!

"Hey ricky can I borrow some oil?"

"Sure dude here " he said handing it to me.

I dipped my finger inot the can and wiped i across the top of the surfboard,hoping to catch a good wave.

"Thanks Ricky"

"No problem dude"

I walked down the sand and Into the water boy was it nice to be back in the water.I saw a good wave coming and paddled toward it on my front,I turned around when It was coming near and paddled really fast until I fet the board going faster and jumped up onto my feet I did a carving 360 and then a Air reverse,I was lush feeling the wind on my back,I looked down at Becky looking at me in aw,wow I'm like I god to her!

I walked on the sand loving the feeling of it inbetween my toes.I few guys whistled at me and one pinched my arse so my 'reflexes'  immediatly twisted my leg in his and brought him down to the sand and I put my foot over his neck.

"Never do that again understood!"

He nodded like a 4 year old

"My job here's done,thank you for your time and patience" 

I continued walking to Becky shooting a glare at anyone who was about to do a wolf whistle.

"Hey Becks what did you think of my surfiing?"

"You where.......Fantastic You are so cool Beth I love you"She screamed giving me her death hug!

"Cant breath"

"Sorry Beth!"

"Its fine"

"So I'm gonna catch a few more waves see you later"

I guy who lookeed like the Justin Beiber on my sisters wall walked up to me.

"Hi your beth right?Well I saw how you hammered that guy and you surf moves are brilliant I wondered If you could give me your number,I'm Justin Beiber,by the way" He spoke as If he was the President

I Just replyed saying this"Oh so your that Justin Beiber Guy my sisters been talking about,nice to finally meet you,and Thanks but no I'm not going to give you my number,sorry"

I walked away into the water


"Not a chance Beiber!"

*****Becky's P.O.V********

I saw The guy Beth was talking to Oh my  god tottally fangirling now he was Justin Beiber my sister was talking to Justin Beiber and refused to tell him her number what an idiot he's justin fricking Beiber!Anywag got to stop fangirling and I told him to come over here.

"Okay I'll tell you Beths Number its 0507168362829 got that?"I asked

"Yep thanks,By the way your sister hot! and strong and good at sports I would marry her in a sec tell her that!"

"Okay bye"

**************************Beths P.O.V*********************************************************

Jerk who did he think he was! Well actually I shouldn't be saying that he IS Justin Beiber.

********************************************At theHouse*************************************

"So tell me again your living in England?" Becky Asked

"Thats correct"

"That explains the British accent!"


My phone rang The I.D said Justin Beiber,Oh that creep.I walked out hte living room into the conservatory.

"Hello" I asked

"Hi yeah Its justin"

"Forget it"I said just about to hang out



"I was wondering would please go on a date with me please!"


"Okay its a get together you and me to get to know each other a little bit more"

"Fine but just a get together,When exactly?"

"Um I'll pick you up around 7 30 at your place,dress fancy!"

"Okay bye"

"Bye,love you!"

"What did you say!?"

"Nothing Bye!"

Í hung up wow a date with Justin Beiber,I got to go shopping with Becky.

''Okay becky time for bed,I'm gonna get changed."                                                                                            

I ran up the stairs and got changed into this: http://www.polyvore.com/night_number/set?id=56738082#stream_box  pyjamas.

Authors Note:

The link you see just copy and paste in another tab and you will see her outfit okay thanks-Bob

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