Chapter 2

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With his fists full of Jason’s jacket, knuckles turning white and face turning red with fury, Jason was in no state to move. Bleary eyed, she looked up at Jason and Clark in a clinch, Jason’s lips were moving but Ellie could see past her tears. Whatever Jason had said, he released his hold on him, and he took a step back, lowering his arms. She glanced around to see a crowd forming; she ignored them and looked back at the brothers. Jason made his hand into a fist and punched Clark in the face; he stumbled back a few steps but then stood strong. Jason simply straightened out his jacket and walked away without a single word. Ellie wiped the tears with the back of her good hand and watched as the crowd dispersed. The brother staggered over to Ellie, held out his hand and pulled her up with ease.

“I’m sorry, he’s an arsehole.” He managed a smile.

“How-how can he smile? He just got punched in the face for Christ’s sake.’ She thought.

He reached for Ellie’s wrist and gently touched it.

“Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah I’m fine, just a little bruising” she stuttered.

“Here.”  He reached in his bag and pulled out a wrist support, he reached for her wrist and placed the support around it.

“I always carry one just in case Jason decides to go Schizo again and crush my arm.” He breathed.

Ellie’s eyes grew wide.

“He crushed your arm? What for?”

“For the fun of it, I guess. I’d rather me than anyone else.”


Clark turned to watch Jason walking away when Ellie caught sight of the already forming bruise.

“Oh my God, Clark! Are you okay?”

Unconsciously she raised her arm to touch his face, he winced as she made contact but she held on.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s only a bruise, nothing broken.”

She dropped her hand.

“I’m sorry.” She apologised.

He raised his arms and rested his hands behind his head, revealing the lower half of his torso. Ellie started blushing and quickly altered her line of sight.

“We’d better go to class, don’t want to get bollocked and beaten on your first day.”

He had let his arms down and began to along the hallway. He glanced backwards to see Ellie stood still.

“Come on Ellie, I’ll show you to the office.”

“H-how do you know my name?” She faltered.

“I know a lot of things, mainly because I saw your name on your note book.” He laughed.

“Weren’t you taught not to look in a woman’s bag?”

“For one thing, it wasn’t in your bag and second you’re half of a woman so technically it doesn’t exactly count.” He sniggered.

Ellie now offended joined him to the office, it was not far, Ellie could had found it herself after turning a few wrong corners, but she certainly did not need an arrogant tour guide. Clark stopped abruptly, taking Ellie by surprise. He pointed at the door he had stopped next to and smiled.

“I hope you enjoyed you tour, I’m sure you’ll be using the Clark service again, I’m looking forward to attending another session. I’ll see you around” He smiled and left.

Ellie hitched her bag over her shoulder and entered the office. 

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