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Group: One Direction.

Pairing/s: Larry, Niam.

Summary: Niall Horan is a vampire hunter. He has hated vampires since they murdered his family, when he was 10. Now 18, Niall and his partners half-vampire Harry and nearly-killed Zayn (codenamed Curly and Vain) are among the most feared vampire slayers around. But when Harry admits he has a friendship with two vampires - more than friendship, in once case - called Louis and Liam, things begin to fall apart. Friendship and enimity is tested. Will things work out the way they are expected to?

Warnings: swearing/bad language, 15+ (?) romance and typically vampirey content e.g blood and possibly violence.

Note: I based my fic on this video,, as I didn't realise at the time that it was a trailer for another fanfiction. I apologise for this, but by the time I found the original video (the one I saw was uploaded on Tumblr) I'd already written most of this fic and I didn't want to delete it! The only information I used of somebody else's is what is in the video, the basic facts. The other characters and what I did with them, including the storyline, is completely my own as I have not read the other fanfic. A link can be found to the original posters' fanfic beneath the video. Thank you xx


My name was Niall Horan. I was eighteen, blonde and spoke with an Irish accent that seemed to reduce girls to brainless pieces of putty. Oh, and I lived to kill vampires.

Aged only ten years old, I'd watched as my family was murdered while I hid behind the dining room curtains. I'd watched as the vampires tore out their throats and drunk their blood. I'd watched as the vampires left, laughing and joking with one another about how Irish blood was always tainted with the flavour alcohol.

At that moment, I'd done what I'd seen people in films do who saw their family get murdered. I vowed to get revenge on the vampires. And not just those three that killed my family - their whole kind. Every vampire in the world, I would take revenge on. Every vampire in the world, I would make fear my name.

I didn't know then that, eight years later, everything would change when my fellow hunter fell for a vampire...and I myself did, too.


"Niall? Are you in there?" a familiar voice asked outside my bedroom door.

I sighed, and shifted a little from my position staring out of the window. "Yeah, Vain."


"Sorry." I got up, and opened the door. I always forgot he didn't just have a hunter name. "Yeah, Zayn, I'm here."

"I can see that." he grinned, brown eyes flashing. "What're you doing?"


He noticed the sad tone in my voice. "What's up, Niall?"


"There's something. Come on, you can trust me."

"I know I can trust you. You wouldn't kill vampires with me if I couldn't trust you." I sighed. "It's was eight years tomorrow my parents were killed."

"Oh." Zayn said softly. "Well, I don't know if this helps but you've killed nearly three hundred vampires since then, about a hundred before you even met me and Curly - sorry, Harry. That's good revenge, isn't it?"

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