Chapter 9: Step 3- Fights

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****Amelie’s POV****

I woke up with one of the worse headaches I’d ever had in my life. I moaned and Liam came in immediately with a glass of water and some pills.

“Doing my rounds this morning,” he smiled sweetly at me as he handed me the glass and the pills. I popped those pills in my mouth and chugged them down like they were the only thing keeping me alive.

“Everyone is this messed up?” I groaned putting my hand on my head. He laughed, but shook his head gently.

“Not Zayn, he didn’t drink much. He was watching out for you,” Liam spoke and I felt my heart jump a bit. Sounded like something a boyfriend would do. Phillip. I grabbed my phone and saw texts and calls from him. I’d been so distracted I’d totally forgotten about him. I called him immediately and heard him screaming at me from the other end.

“Where the hell have you been? I haven’t heard from you in at least two days! And then I log onto my Twitter and crap to see pictures of you all lovey on those boys!” Phil shouted and I frowned. What pictures?

“What are you talking about Phillip?” I asked as I turned on my Twitter and saw me with all the boys. Zayn kissing my forehead, Niall and I dancing, Zayn carrying me out of the bar, Me kissing Harry’s cheek…I could go on for hours about all the pictures I saw. I wasn’t Louis’s secret sister anymore. Everyone knew about me.

“I was out at a bar Phillip,” I replied and I heard him laugh angrily.

“Oh that’s great Amelie! Go get fucking drunk and hook up with them! I want you to!” he shouted as I heard him hang up. Liam was staring at me as I began to cry.

“Louis!” Liam shouted as a hung over Louis walked into my room and stared at me. I saw him push his pain aside as he ran over and gathered me into his arms.

“What’s going on?” he asked kissing the top of my head. I clung to his shirt and looked up at him.

“Phil’s mad at me for getting drunk last night, he told me he wants me to hook up with all the boys,” I blubbered into my stepbrother’s shirt and he rubbed my back gently.

“I don’t think he’s right for you babe, I think you need to drop him,” he whispered and I sighed knowing he was probably right. It was the last thing I wanted to do. We’d been dating for about a year. It wasn’t going to be the easiest thing I’d ever done.

“And everyone knows I’m your sister now,” I laughed looking up at Lou and he messed up my hair with his hand.

“I’m perfectly okay with that,” he smiled grabbing his head and I smiled.

“Everything okay in here?” Harry asked poking his head in and I nodded wiping my eyes.

“I’m going to call him back okay?” I asked looking at Lou, Liam, and Harry as I grabbed my phone. They all sat on my bed and nodded as I dialed his number.

“Stop calling me Amelie,” he spoke sternly and I felt my blood boiling.

****Zayn’s POV****

I heard Amelie screaming on the phone and I sighed slightly while I laid in my bed. I was beginning to regret my plan. If I liked Amelie that much I should’ve let her be with Phil because he made her happy. But maybe I had done the right thing; Phillip wasn’t treating Amelie with the kind of respect she deserved and needed. I sat up and heard her crying as she screamed at him.

“I’ll talk to you later,” I heard her say as she hung up and I heard her door shut. Louis walked past my room and he shook his head sighing.

“Did they breakup?” I asked and he shook his head as he continued past the door and down to the kitchen. I walked into the hallway and Amelie came out wiping her eyes. She gave me a weak smile as she stopped in front of me. I opened my arms and she fell into me.

“I was so stupid Zayn,” she whispered against me and I kissed her head.

“No you weren’t love, he was,” I replied giving her a small smile. She kissed my cheek and wiped her eyes.

“I’m still with him as far as I know,” she spoke with a deep sigh. I kissed her forehead and lifted her chin.

“Keep your head up love, he shouldn’t be the reason you hide that pretty face with tears,” I whispered pressing a kiss to her lips as quick as I could. She looked at me and smiled.

“You really know how to cheer a girl up,” she replied with a smile as she continued down to the kitchen. If Amelie never figured out about me breaking her and Phil up, I knew she’d fall for me, but I couldn’t help but feel terrible about what I was doing. He was terrible to her, but I shouldn’t have dealt with it this way…

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