Chapter 2

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"Beau! Daniel!" was all I could hear.

"Oh my god..." I said to myself. I've been in situations like this before, but I have never been on the floor because of this.

I quickly got back on my two feet and straightened down my clothes.

"You alright?" Daniel shouted to me.

"I think I'm going to have to be..." I gave him a fake smile.

"Can I get a photo with you Beau?"

"Daniel, can you sign this please?"

I followed the waitress to our table.

"Are your friends...?" The waitress paused, handing out the menus.

"They'll be done after a few minutes." I smiled at her. Browsing through the menu, my stomach rumbled. I'm the type of person who has to wait for everyone before ordering.

10 minutes have passed and they're still there...

I decided to ring Beau.



"Beau, seriously... Get here now. I'm hungry."

"...What? Sorry I didn't get that..."

"GET HERE NOW." I yelled down the phone, not because I was annoyed, but because he couldn't hear me.

Minutes later, a worn out, Beau came pushing through the crowd to me.

"Hey, you okay?" he asked, patting my head like I was a child.

"No. I'm hungry... Can you not hurry up and finish your business with your fans?" I crossed my arms, looking really moody.

"Yeah, sure sure. I'm so sorry!" Next thing I knew, Daniel appeared next to me...

"They just want to take photos and get things signed! Just give us a few more minutes?" Beau apologised, giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"Guys, I only thought we were going to get lunch really quickly... Because I have work in a bit... So I'm gonna have to call a taxi and leave. I'll see you tomorrow" Daniel explained to us before leaving the café.

"Sorry girls, I'm going to have to go now... I'll see you around." Beau said his goodbyes to his fans.

"Wow, that was crazy wasn't it?" he chuckled to himself, burying his head into the menu.

"Ya think?" I replied, resting my head in the palm of my hands. I waved the waitress over and we both ordered our food.

"So.., what are you doing tonight?" Beau asked, sipping his coke.

"Hanging out with Harley and the girls..." Beau gave me a 'really?' look and I nodded a little.

"And what are you doing tonight?" I asked, leaning in a little closer to him.

"Hanging out with my brothers..." he replied, examining all the gifts he got.

A few minutes went by and our food came.

"So... What's this thing about you liking Skip then?" Beau smiled, whilst shoving food into his mouth.

"...What?" I asked, placing down my burger. He laughed at me.

"Go on, give me the details..." he shoved more food in his mouth.

"I don't like him... like that..." my eyebrows were scrunched together, confused and grossed out. He raised his eyebrows at me.

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