chapter 9

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I've waited like 40 minutes before hearing the door bell. I don't know why but I was nervous. I walked to the door and opened it. My legs were shaking; he was there, aw some as always. He flashed me a genuine smile and was waiting for something. I continued to stare at him uneasy.

''Can I come in or we watch a movie in the street?'' He asked smirking. I blushed furiously and let him in. We went straight to the living room.

''You can choose a movie, I'll get popcorn'' I said smiling and walking in the kitchen. I started to search the bag of popcorn and finally got it. I put it in the microwave and waited for it. Before it beeps there was a smell of burnt from the microwave. I stopped it and open the door of it. Smoke came from it in a really big quantity. I heard footsteps coming closer and a fit of laughter.I turned around to see Alexander fold in half laughing. I rolled my eyes.

''Why don't you help me instead of laughing...'' I said trying to disperse the smoke that filled me. He came closer to take a look of the burnt popcorn and his fit of laughter restart. ''What?'' I said rolling my eyes a second time.

''You forgot to remove the plastic around the package'' He managed to say between laughter. I chuckled a little by his remark. Can you be more dumb than that? We opened the windows and cleaned the microwave. He took my place for doing popcorn and I went to take blankets. I put them all in a comfortable way while Alex came back with the popcorn. He put the DVD in the Blue ray and clicked on play. We sat on the sofa stick together... Yeah, stick together. He had an arm around my shoulders and my head was on his torso. He was comfortable... The movie started to play and I was surprised to see which one he took.

''Ice age? I thought you would pick Star wars.'' I said looking up at him.

''I wanted to laugh.'' He said winking at me. I turned my attention back on the screen.

''As if you didn't already laugh enough.'' I mumbled under my breath. During the movie, I couldn't stop eyeing him in the corner of my eyes. He was really cute when he was concentrate or when he was chuckling. I don't know why but when he smiled, I couldn't help but smile with him. Sometimes I could see him looking down at me, and I was surprising him doing that, he turned his gaze back on the screen. In the middle of the movie, I yawned due to tiredness. I started to close my eyes and I felt myself sliding. I opened my eyes to see where I was now. I was between his legs, my head in the crook of his neck and his arms enveloping me. I closed my eyes a second time and dive too sleep.


I woke up at 4pm. It was silence in the living room. I turned my head to see sleepy-Alex beside me sleeping.I smiled at his cute attitude when he was sleeping. His chin was on my shoulder, his mouth slightly open and he seemed like he was younger. I looked down at our hand lightly linked and his arm over mine. I needed to drink due to popcorn from earlier, so I tried to go out of his grip. As I thought I could finally go, his arms tighten their grips and brought me back to him. I chuckled slightly and turn around to see him smiling lightly from tiredness. He looked down at my lips and before he does anything I looked away. I felt his breathing near my right ear.

''Where do you think you're going?'' He asked whispering and smirking.

''I need to drink.'' I said whispering back. His grip tightened.

''You can't, I don't wanna let go.'' He whispered back. My heart started beating faster and my palms were sweating. I let a little chuckle and tried to get out of his grip... Without success. I tried a second time, now a little harder but his arms were too strong. I started to go on the left that result on both of us falling. I was lying on the back and he was over me. Our nose were lightly touching and I could feel his breath on my lips. We looked into each others eyes without moving. He started to lean in when my phone started ringing. My first move was to think that Liam Payne was in my house, then I realised it was my new ring tone. Alex backed away and looked at me with a puzzled face. I blushed and got up from the couch towards my phone. The ring tone was replaying over and over again.

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