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Dear Ms. Maria,

We are pleased to imform you that you have been randomly selected from the applicants and therefore will become the new official member of NU'EST. In the contract you have already signed upon entering you know that we will be filming the landing operation of NU'EST and therefore you will be filmed from when your arranged flight lands in Korea. You will bring a suitcase of personel items and two changes of clothes, our stylists will provide more than enough attire for you when you arrive.  A translator will be appointed to you and we hope you will be succesful.


Pledis Entertainment 

I'm dead right? I read and re-read the letter that only in my wildest dreams i had even hoped to recieve.  No way. No friggen way!

"MOM, DAD, FRANKIE- I GOT IN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. They knew what I was talking about- I had only been rambling on about it for the last 6 months. A chorus of "No-way"s and "Oh my goodness"s  surrounded me as the letter slowly started to sink in.

"So you'll finally get to meet those feminine korean guys your obssesed with?" My Dad said with a chuckle. My twin brother Frankie chimed in " Yeah Maria get some! Those poor bastar-" 

"Don't. You. Dare." I seethed. I could feel my face turning the color of the setting sun. My mom was skeptical about the whole thing but had finally consented when I agreed to bring my viola and dance shoes with me and practiced like I was supposed to. Dancing wouldn't be a problem but I just hoped i wouldn't piss some neighbor off late at night with my viola [;aying.

They all helped me pick my personel items into a single suitcase, finally deciding on all my viola pieces, pictures of my family and friends, my dance shoes, and some schoolbooks along with my computer and phone.  Most girls my age would probably needed at least two bags for makeup and hair straightners or whatever, but the truth was i had never used either- although I probably needed them. Being 15 I had all the problems a normal teen has- zits, the frizziest hair on god's creation, and of course, I wasn't the skinniest person in the world. Through it all I just never got around to doing anything to myself. I always felt like I wasn't ready or that I would lose myself if I did. Well, I guess that was about to change- whoever these "stylists" are, they were bound to do things to my skin and hair- and I couldn't wait.

"woah woah WOAH! you leave TOMARROW?" my mom sighed as she looked at the single plane ticket in the envelope." so little time to say goodbye..." 

Goodbyes were hard because my family and I are so close but the excitement of me leaving TOMARROW was just too much. I called all my friends and we talked for hours about what I'll see and how much we'll miss eachother. I'd miss them a bunch but iIstill couldn't go to sleep that night- who could?

The next morning I got up- not having slept because of my adrenaline pump. I looked at my closet- what on earth should i wear? Something that says ' I'm a badass but a nice person' oh wait i don't own that. i settled for a pair of black jeans with a cool black belt with silver pieces on it and a black and white floral shirt tucked in. Close enough. Last i put on my most crucial item- my locket with the picture of my sister that i hope keeps me safe. I ate a cup of yogurt for breakfast- I didn't know if I could hold down anything else. Finally my sleepy eyed family got up and we all piled into the car and drove to the airport in silence. We finally got there and after my mom had gone through the tearful goodbye and the 20 minute long checklist i went toward the security line- feeling like an entirely different person. I arrived at my gate in a daze to find that someone was already waiting for me.

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