Victoria's POV

"Yes, yes I know! I'll be there in a couple of minutes! Just please don't burn anything, Maddie!" I said on the phone. (A/N Maddie is Vic's younger sister)

"I'm not going to burn anything, relax," There was a long pause. "Oh no..."

"Oh God, Maddie!" 

"Um... I'll be right back! BYE!" *beep*

"No, no! Maddie, don't -"

I looked at my phone and Maddie had already hung up. I knew she would end up doing something stupid. I ran as fast as I could to get to my apartment, but it was pretty hard since New York has so many people, its difficult trying NOT to bump into them. God, rush hour is such a pain! I continued to rush down the side walk as quick as possible until I accidentally bumped into something.


"Ah!" I exclaimed, rubbing my shoulder.

"Oh God. I am so sorry!" Someone had said.

"No, no its fine. It was my fault for not looking." I said gripping my shoulder.

I looked up and faced a guy with worried green eyes that suddenly turned into a gentle look of wonder.

Harry's POV

Yow, that hurt but it was well worth to run into an attractive girl. Although, she's giving me a look like I'm crazy which I don't hesitate to disagree on.  I was  about to pull off my charms on her until someone tapped my shoulder. 

"Hey mate, we're on a tight schedule. Let's go." Zayn said.

"Yeah, hold on." I turned back to see the girl gone and searched the crowd. I spotted her nearly half a mile away from me already. I'm surprised that she's quick enough to dodge these people. Ah, shoot I didn't get her name.

Completely forgetting about my schedule, I subconsciously began to run after her but Paul pulled me away and told me that we had to leave immediately. I looked back at the girl and shook my head. She'll come around. Once I see her again, she'll fall head over heels for me. I mean every girl does. Right?

Victoria's POV

A dark puff of smoke shot out as I opened my door. The heat of the life-threatening cloud stung my eyes as I tried to look in. I quickly held my breath and darted in. I screamed for Maddie and looked around for the kitchen. I got down on my hand and knees and crawled towards the kitchen.


*cough* *cough* "I'm over here!" Maddie replied.

I crawled into the kitchen and saw Maddie sitting on the floor covering her mouth. I looked up and saw that the stove was on fire. Luckily, there is a window above our sink and a fire extinguisher hanging on our wall. I got up quickly and ran to the window to open it. I then grabbed the extinguisher and smothered the fire. When it had disappeared, I shot a glare at Maddie who was still sitting on the floor. Her eyes met mine and looked away quickly.

"Madison Renée Schulwitz! How many times do I have to tell you not to cook anything while I am gone!" I screamed.

"People get hungry, Victoria! I get hungry! You're gone all day every day so I just decided to whip something up for myself." Maddie shot back.

"You should have just called me to pick something up for you to eat and I was at a dance audition with my group! I told you that this morning!" I yelled.

"Why do you need to keep going to these auditions?! You're already considered a professional!" Madison yelled back.

"We wanted to get signed into an actual company that pays well with actual money, Maddie! And speaking of that audition... I'm actually waiting for a call from them now!" I told.

*Ring* *Ring*

I pulled my phone my purse and read the caller ID. In shock, I stood there looking at my sister and back at my phone. 

"ANSWER IT!" Maddie yelled.

"Right, sorry! Hello? Yes, this is Victoria! Oh my goodness, thank you! Yes, I will inform them! Okay, yes. Oh my God! Thank you so so so much!" 

"Well, what did they say?!" Maddie asked.

"WE GOT SIGNED!!!" I squealed.

We both screamed and hugged each other in excitement.

"So what else did they say?" Maddie asked, pulling away from the hug.

"Well, they said that I need to gather the other members and meet the choreographers and producers at the company's building tomorrow morning!" I replied.

"That's awesome, Vic!!!" Maddie said.

**The Next Morning**

Victoria's POV

"MADDIE! WAKE UP! You need to get to school now!" I yelled.

"I'm up, I'm up!" Maddie responded groggily.

"Grab a quick snack to eat and here is your lunch!" I told.

"Thanks!" Maddie said.

"Okay, let's go or we're both going to be late!" I said.

"Hold your freaking horses. I' m coming!" Maddie replied.

After dropping her off, I walked in the building and spotted the members from my dance group. I waved to them and ran to give them each a hug. After another few minutes of waiting, eventually met up with the producers and choreographers.

"Welcome ladies! We're glad you're here!" The producer said.

"No, we're glad that we're here, Mr. Producer!" I said laughing.

"Please, call me Marvin! Anyways, let's wait a couple of minutes... one more group is supposed to show up." Marvin told.

"I thought that we were the only ones to be here, and I'm saying this because we're the only one group that is supposed to be here." I asked.

"You are but this group didn't need to audition just to come here. They are already signed by a record company. You guys are going to be the opening act for them and hopefully you all will gain some sort of stardom." Marvin informed.

"Wait, why can't we just make our début without opening for them?" I asked, curiously.

"Because an introduction to an upcoming group leads to a series of interest." Marvin replied.

Before I could say anything else, I saw a group of guys walk through the doors. Marvin pivoted over and greeted them. As I was examining the group of guys, my friend Melinda (also a part of my dance group) nudged me in the arm.

"Ah! That's One Direction!" She squealed.

I gave her a confused look. One Direction...? I looked back at the group of guys and one of them looked real familiar! Him... The guy with the curly hair and green eyes. He turned his head and his eyes met mine. He smiled and winked at me. I rolled my eyes and looked away. Melinda nudged me again and saw that Marvin was walking towards us along with One Direction.

"So, we meet again." He smirked.

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