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Niall's Pov:

Zayn was currently getting Roise's name tattooed on him, Her name was right under mine he had it so both hearts were connected together, It's hard to explain but it looks amazing, Zayn has a talent for taking something simple and turning it into something beautiful. I smiled lovingly at him as he laid back getting the tattoo done. Rosie was spending the day with Zayn's parents they wanted to go out and spoil her rotten, Me and Zayn wern't complaining it meant we could spend even more time together. Ever since I've been back I've been constantly asked if I'm sure I made the right decision not to go on tour. I know I made the right decision I can't be without Zayn or Rosie. This morning she asked how me and Zayn got together, It was amazing to look back on all our old memories and realize how far we've actually come. We told her how Zayn used to be my bully, Until one day we started talking on a chat site, We met up and realized were not as different as we first thought, Zayn then explained how he let his pride get in the way and because of it he lost me, He then told her how he won me back, We explained about each song we wrote for eachother, And how we sent our love through the lyrics, Of course she wanted to hear the songs so we had to search all around the house for the music sheets. She adored the song and they brought back so many amazing memories. 

"Nialler come check this out" Zayn said when his tattoo was done, I slowly made my way over to Zayn who was admiring his tattoo in the mirror, It looked even better once it was all done. 

"It looks fantastic babe Rosie will love it" I said, Zayn smiled. 

"Fancy some lunch?" He asked while putting back on his shirt. I nodded my head before pulling out my phone to text Zayn's mum. "Nialler you don't have to keep checking up on her, She's safe with my mum" He exclaimed, I sighed knowing he was right. 

"I know, It's just horrible being without her" I mumbled, Zayn nodded his head while paying the tattoo artist, The tattoo artist explained the aftercare of the tattoo but Zayn had enough so he knew exactly what to do. 

We made our way to lunch talking about Larrys wedding. It seems like so long ago since we had all met, When in actual reality it's only been a few years, You don't realize how fast time goes, If somebody told me this would be my life a few years ago there was no way I'd believe them.

"What you thinking of?" Zayn asked chucking his arm over me. 

"How fast life goes" I replied. 

"It's pretty crazy right?" Zayn asked knowing what I meant straight away. 

"It definitely is" I said stopping on a small bridge in the park overlooking a beautiful duck pond. 

"Are you happy?" Zayn asked. 

"What kind of question is that?" I said. 

"It's just a question that I want an honest answer to" Zayn replied. 

"Of course I am, I wouldn't trade the life we have for anything Zayn" I replied, Zayn smiled before pulling me into a gentle kiss, I smiled at him before resting my head in the crock of his neck. Zayn really was the love of my life. We spent the whole today together, We went to the cinema and on the way home Zayn decided to stop off and get us some take out, I decided I missed Rosie to much so I went home telling Zayn I would meet him there. Once I arrived home Rosie ran straight into my awaiting arms. I sat down and played with her for a while, I must have fallen asleep because next thing I knew Zayn was crouching infront of me smiling. 

Louis and Harry's wedding was beautiful, There love radiated all over the church, It was amazing for me to see my best friend so happy. Out of everyone Harry deserved happiness. I was glad he found his soulmate the way I found mine. I walked up to Lou and asked if I could steal my best friend for a few minutes, Louis nodded heading off to find Zayn. Harry smiled wrapping his arms around my neck, I wrapped mine around his waist, We began to dance to whatever song was playing. 

"I'm happy for you Haz" I said, Harry smiled at me. 

"I never thought this would happen" He admitted. 

"I know what you mean mate, Goes to show nobody can predict the future" I replied, Harry nodded his head in agreement. 

"Louis used to be nothing but a heartless bully to me, He used to be the person I'd fight with everyday because he'd say something that would hurt you, Or him and his friends would physically touch you, I never for one second thought I'd end up marrying him" Harry said, I chuckled. 

"I feel the same way about Zayn, But the love we never see coming is always the most amazing one" I replied, Harry nodded in agreement. 

"I'm proud of you, You know that" Harry said, I blushed. 

"Why?" I asked trying not to burst out laughing. 

"You found your strength, You never thought you had it but you did, Everything you've been through has only made you stronger and I'm proud to call you my best friend" Harry exclaimed, I laughed before pulling him into a tight hug.

"I love you Hazza" I said. 

"I love you too Nialler" Harry replied. 

Zayn's Pov:

Niall went off to dance with Harry, I wasn't annoyed or anything, Harry and Niall have been best friends for years so I knew he would want to spend sometime with him on his wedding day, So I took off in search of my best friend Louis, I found him standing outside clearly in deep thought. 

"Alright mate" I said walking over to him and dropping a hand on his shoulder. 

"Yeah man, Just need a breather to let everything sink in" Louis replied smiling. 

"Your scared" I said calmly, Louis eyes widened. 

"No, Why would you think that?" He asked. 

"I know you Lou, Your like a brother to me, What's wrong?" I said. 

"I love Harry Zayn, I love him so much, But how do I know that I'm going to be enough for him?" Louis exclaimed. 

"You can't worry about being enough for a person Louis, All you can do is give him your best everyday and always let him know that you love him. Just because your married that dosen't change a thing, Your love stays the same, Don't let anything scare you Louis. You and Harry you love eachother that's all that matters" I said, Louis smiled at me. 

"When did you grow up eh?" He commented, I chuckled. 

"When I fell inlove with Niall" I replied shrugging my shoulders. 

"I'm glad you did, He brought out the best in you" Louis said, I nodded in agreement. 

"Come on let's get back inside I miss my husband and he owes me my wedding dance" Louis said grinning, I smiled before walking back inside with Louis, We found Niall and Harry hugging on the dance floor, We then made our way over to them, Louis once again took Harry in his arms, And I took Niall in mine. 

"I love you Niall Horan" I said, Niall smiled at me.

"I love you Zayn Malik" Niall replied, I kissed him gently as we swayed to the music in the background. 

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