"It's a...." says the nurse as she looks into the blanket. "Well?" asks an impatient Louis. "It's a boy!" replies the nurse. "Oh, okay." says Louis breathless. "What are you going to name it?" the nurse asks Ale. "How about-" gets cut off by Louis "Louis Jr.!" says Lou excitedly. "That'll work." says Ale. "Louis Jr." repeats the nurse writig in her notebook. "What are your names?" talking to Ale and Louis. "Louis Tomlinson." says Louis. "And I'm Ale-" gets cut off again. "I almost forgot to tell you something Ale." says Lou getting down on 1 knee. "Will you marry me?" asks Louis. "Awwww." say the other 4. "Sure!" replies Ale happily. "Her name is Ale Tomlinson." Lou tells the nurse. "Louis and Ale Tomlinson." repeats the nurse again.

                                                                              3 years later....

"C'mon Louis!" says Ale to her son. "Comin' mama." replies Louis Jr. cutely. "Comin' mama." calls Louis mimicking his son. "C'mon, your gonna be late for your tour." Ale says to Louis. "Coming!" he calls back

                                            They all jump in the van and go off to Louis' tour.

                                                                          THE END

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