"Miss Evans," I heard a few times. "Miss Evans!"

I was pulled out of my thoughts and came back to reality. "Yes, Ms. Dawson?"

"I'd greatly appreciate it if you would pay attention in my class," my Amerian History teacher stated. "Anyway, Miss Evans, will you please read page one hundred, forty-three?"

I tensed up. "Well, I, um, you see, I don't think, er, uh, no?" I stammered into a question.

The class went silent. It was already quiet, but now you could feel the silence boring into you. Saying it was awkward and embarassing was an understatement. But I guess that I was prone to embarrassment. "Excuse me? Miss Evans, when a teacher asks you to read something, you read it!"

I sank in my seat. "I can't," I mumbled.

Ms. Dawson grinned evilly at me. She was the one teacher that was extremely biased against me. "What was that, Miss Evans?"

"I can't read!" I shouted. I heard the whole class snicker. "I can't read," I repeated quieter and more calmly.

Trixie Pickett raised her hand in the seat next to me. "Ms. Dawson, I'll read it. I actually learned how to read in kindergarden." She smirked at me. Laughing erupted in the class.

"It's not my fault I have dyslexia!" I screamed.

"I know, Melody, dear I know," Trixie said. I clenched my fists. "And it's not my fault you have anger issues." She ran a hand through her perfectly shiny and glossy strawberry blonde hair.

That was the end of my fuse. I usually kept my calm around Trixie, but she had been bullying me and hating me since the fourth grade, and I was tired of it.

I stood up on my chair. "Chairs are for sitting on, Miss Evans, not standing!" Ms. Dawson told me.

I ignored her and glared at Trixie. "Okay, you have been bullying me and teasing me and being a complete jerk to pretty much everyone for four years, Trixie. Four years! I've had it. You don't own this school, and you certainly don't own any one of us!" I turned to Ms. Dawson, giving her a cold look. "And you! You're a teacher! You're supposed to be the one that gets people to stop, not join in against the victim! I'm sick and tired of you, too!"

"Get down, Melody! You're making a fool of yourself," Trixie whispered loudly at me. She grabbed my wrist, trying to pull me down.

Pulling my arm away, I continued, stepping onto the desk. "I don't care if I'm making a fool of myself! You just can't handel the truth, Trixie Pickett! You can't face that I'm right, and you're wrong! You can't face the fact that nobody likes you!" With that, I hopped down from the desk and stormed out of the room. I ran into the bathroom and sat under a sink until the bell rang, ending third period.

The bathroom door opened, making me jump. I heard voices. Trixie's voice. She was talking to her girl gang, Ellie, Arica, and Malina. Or as we call them: The TEAM. That's short for Trixie, Ellie, Arica, and Malina, if you didn't realize. I quickly slid under a stall and locked the door. I stood on the toilet so they couldn't see my feet.

"She is so stupid!" Malina said. "She actually stood on top of her desk and called you out?"

I peered over the top of the stall. They were looking in the mirror fixing their makeup. I rolled my eyes.

"Yes! It was stupid! It's not like people are going to randomly start standing up to me now because of one idiot, right," Trixie asked her brainwashed girls.

"Right," Ellie replied. "No way we'll lose popularity that easily." Arica gave a slight nod to them. She was the only one that wasn't a complete idiot. She was actually nice. Trixie has just been her best friends since first grade, before she turned evil.

They finished caking on makeup and I waited for them to leave before hopping down to the floor and unlocking the stall door. I exited the bathroom and headed for the lunchroom.

When I got inside the cafeteria, I got in line to get my hot dog. After I got through the line, I headed to the table where I always sat, along with my friends, Hexi Clayton and Fawn Stevies.

"Hey," Hexi said as I sat down. "Where have you been?"

"Hiding," I mumbled, taking a bite into my hot dog.

She nodded. "How bad was history today?" Fawn asked, looking concerned. She was a year older than Hexi and I, and she was always worried about us. "Did Ms. Dawson or Trixie do anything?"

I nodded. "When don't they, Fawn?"

"Let's go," Hexi said as I finished my food. "You know how Mr. Philips hates it when people are late. Seeya, Fawn!"

Hexi and I left the cafeteria and walked to Mr. Philips's math room. When we got there, we were the only ones in the room. Except for Trixie. Great...

"Hey, Melody. Hexi," Trixie said, walking up to us. She closed the door. "You're in trouble now, Melody. Thanks to you, my popularity status dropped a little bit," she hissed.

I rolled my eyes and walked away from her. "You're delusional, Trixie."

I sat down in my assigned desk and looked at her and did a double take. She was no longer her perfectly pretty self. Her light skin was now white. Flames were spewing out of her head instead of her strawberry blonde curls. Her icy blue eyes were red. One of her legs was now metal, and the other was a donkey leg. I went wide eyed.

"Hexi!" I shouted, looking at my best friend. She looked over and yelped. She slapped her hand over her mouth just in time so that it wasn't a long scream.

Trixie glared. "I'm not delusional. I'm an empousa." She grinned evily, showing fangs.

I was too confused to speak. "Melody! Hexi!" Fawn shouted, coming into the room. She looked at Trixie and widened her eyes. "Empousa," she whispered.

She hurried over to us and stood in front of us, as if she were a human shield. "Okay, you guys have to come with me!"

She grabbed our wrists and started pulling us toward the window. Trixie started to run after us. When she was about to get to us, Fawn pushed us out of the way and Trixie crashed through the window. "Go through the window and run as far away from her as possible!" Fawn ordered. Hexi and I did as she said, and Fawn followed quickly, picking up a piece of broken glass.

"Run!" she screamed at us. Hexi and I did as she said and started to run, but not before we saw Fawn take off her shoes, and there were... hooves?

I shook the thought out of my head and we started running again. "Where are we going?" Hexi asked me.

"I don't know!"

"Let's go to your house! Seems like a safe place!"

We headed to my house, but I was still thinking about Trixie turning into that thing, and if Fawn would be okay.

************************************************************************************************************So there's the first chapter of my brand new Camp Half-Blood fanfiction! YAAAY! Haha. Yeah. The characters of Hexi and Fawn were created by the one and only: dancingpanda8! Yay!

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