die in your arms

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One direction is on tour and today they r in my city. My friend, Lauren and i were planning on going on a city search for them and hope for the best. Well when i wake up it takes me a minute to realize what day it is but once im fully awake I grab my cell phone and immediately call Lauren.

As soon as she picks up i scream into the phone and she screams back.

We talk for a little while bout how cool it would b if we actually met them while we were out looking. Then we hang up and i get dressed in my favorite outfit just in case we meet them...I can dream cant I? Lauren and I meet at about 10 am at the park by her house.

We get in her car and drive off to the place where they're concert will be and decided to start there. We drive around for a while longer, then we get out and walk around near the center.

After about an hour and a half of walking around the area we decide that we should try somewhere else, but where? We drive a couple more blocks down where it's less busy. We drive past all the local stores and restaurants.

We search for another 3 and a half hours but we both knew it was a long run to think we would find them and get to meet them before they're concert tonight.

"This is hopeless!" , says Lauren as we drive past another shopping center. "I know but it was fun to think bout it though rite?" I say with a hint of sadness in my voice. "I guess" , she replies. " Let's get something to eat before we head back" I say, "I'm getting really hungry. We pull into the nearest shopping center and there is a taco bell there. We walk in and order and as we sit down 5 guys walk in...

I felt like I just got thrown across the room and landed on a trampoline bouncing and unable to regain my balance. I'm unable to move a muscle and the only thing that comes to mind was, 'What the heck is One Direction doing here?!'

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