AUTHORS NOTE: sooo i edited all the chapters i needed to. the first one i edited was chapter 4. i just added a mini shopping trip with liza and niall when he buys her a phone  and its their bonding time so you can see how much he cares about her and how close they are.

chapter 5 is a conversation with niall and liam about liza. and then the walk with niall and liza. i added some stuff to that.

chapter 6. after harry storms off to his room and liza follows him, i edited that conversation between them a little bit. then the conversation they have after her nightmare is changed a bit. dress shopping i talk about how she still gets the dresses so she doesnt hurt harrys feelings, but that she isnt okay with showing off her legs since they are covered in bruises.

chapter 7. the conversation between liam and harry, i added a bunch to that. basically liam is scolding harry for buying her dresses that show skin even though he knows shes insecure about showing her legs. and they talk about how niall likes her.

chapter 12. i changed the fight between her and niall. i added some stuff. and the whole plan with her singing the song to freak out harry at the club, that isnt gonna happen after all. i changed my mind about that. then the only thing i changed in chapter 13 is that when harry says i love you to liza, she doesnt say it back because  shes in shock. oh and whatever chapter has shopping with danielle, she buys tights/pantyhose to go uder shorts/skirts/dresses, some shawls, a jean jacket and a leather jacket. but anyways i summerized what i changed so its up to you if you want to read it. but anyways, sorry for the extremely long authors note. i will make up for it with 3 chapters today since its been a while since the last update. alrighty... ENJOY



I woke up to the sound of talking coming from down the hall. I groaned and turned over, hitting my head against Liza's. I pulled back quickly, rubbing my head and checking to see if she was okay.

"Harry what was that for. That hurt!" she groaned and put her hand to her head.

"I'm sorry! I forgot you were there." I put my arm on top of her.

"Ugh. Its fine. Its going away. Kind of. If I get a concussion I blame you." she looked at me.

"You have every right to." I said with a serious face.

"Oh shut up." she lightly smacked my head. "Now get off me, I'm hungry."

"Fine, I guess since you're hungry." I lifted my arm off her. She rolled her eyes as she stood up and stretched. I stayed where I was when I suddenly remembered that the boys and Danielle would be leaving so me and Liza could have our alone time to bake the cake. I got up and put on a pair of sweat pants but no shirt. I walked out of the room so Liza could change.

I looked around the kitchen to see where Liam left the cake mix. I saw it on the counter with a note taped to it. I walked over and took the note off the box.

have fun today you cheesy little romantic


I smiled before crumpling the note and throwing it away. I went over to fridge and got out the milk and eggs, as well as the utensils we would need.


After Harry left I walked over to my drawer to pick out an outfit. Ever since the conversation I heard between Harry and Liam on the plane, I started dressing differently. Danielle helped me with being insecure. So did Niall. At first I thought I got all these clothes to please Harry, but then I realized that it was for me. Even though I wear tights, the fact that I'm wearing short shorts/skirts makes me happy. I'm closer to feeling more comfortable in my own body. If only these hideous scars would go away, then I wouldnt need the tights. Until then, I had plenty to last me. I settled on blue stretchy leggings with black shorts on top. I wore a blue tanktop with the superman logo on the front. It fell jut below my belly button and tied in the front. I took a chunk of my hair and did a braid going down the side of my head and joined it with the rest of my hair, making one giant braid going to the side. I got out a pair of sandals for later just in case we went anywhere.

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