Harry and I both woke up to the sight of smoke filling the guest house. Every once in a while, you would see a flash of bright orange flames.

"Harry! We need to get out now!"

"I know, babe! I'm just grabbing some things!"

"Harry, we need to leave! We are going to suffocate in the smoke if we don't get out! GET OUT!"

The smoke was building up, and we were losing seconds. Anne was outside screaming the exact same thing I was thinking.


I was out of the house, but I could see Harry was having problems finding the door. I raced back in, pulling him out. He was having a hard time breathing. Anne was on the phone requesting a fire department. 

"Tell them we need a paramedic too!"

Harry was coughing violently, and he felt really hot. I could see on his arms there were burns from him trying to save special items. 


Three hours later, Anne and I waited in the hospital room where Harry was getting treated for inhaling too much smoke. The paramedics on the ride over handed me the items Harry was holding when he was dragged out of the house.I didn't want to look at them, but now I'm curious. 

The first item is a picture of Harry in his mum's bra. I giggled at the picture. Only Harry would do that.

The next was a picture of him and Gemma when he was a baby. Aw. He was so cute.

The third was a picture of his parents wedding. That divorce was really tough on him. I remember he stayed with my family during that time.

The last was a picture of... Of us when we were about ten and twelve. I did his makeup so he looked like a girl, and he made me wear his clothes. Best friends since the beginning.

The doctors walked in and told us his condition. He inaled a lot of smoke, and had second degree burns on his arms. But other than that he was okay. Harry wasn't allowed to sing for 3 weeks, to let his lungs recover. 

I just hope he got everything he needed from the house.

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