Chapter 2

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I left April with Sam, our fifteen year old brother. I remembered him being a lot more shorter 4 months ago. I really wish I was taller than my little brother. I left April with a bunch of the clothes that I bought to try on, only to keep her busy while I do the unexpected. 

I hopped off my white Benz CLS55 which I got on my 18th Birthday. Already, I can tell that Matt wasn't used to throwing parties alone without my sister's creativity. His frontyard was a mess, his motorcycle knocked over on the opened garage, and the glass windows were custy. It looked as if I was about to enter an abandoned house. 

As I approach closer towards the front door, the loud rock music becomes clearer. I hear unpleasant party screams and inappropriate comments from guys with deep voices. When I finally climb the first step, my reflexes came into action. Beer bottles and glasses were thrown from the open window to my direction. I was lucky enough to dodge the sharp objects before it attacked my eye. Once I considered knocking, I had to take two deep breaths and possibly say a silent prayer. 

"Who the fuck is it?" I hear Matt's voice shouting against the door through the repulsive music in the background. 

"It's April's sister" I didn't know whether to scream it out or just say it, but I somehow managed to get the words out without choking from the awful smell on the door. 

He swings the door open and reveals himself in the sunlight. He is wearing a tight white shirt exposing his worked up abs and biceps. He was more attractive three years ago when he was clean cut and shaven.  "What do you want?" He says tilting his head to one side. 

"You have no right to touch a hair on my sister's body!" For a minute I thought I was going to jump his sorry ass and beat the shit out of him, but I kept my cool under control. 

"You have no right stepping on my property." His words are calm and strong at the same time.

"I'm outside of it, you idiot" I tried to look calm and collected as he tried to be. 

"Well, you are one attractive bitch, I gotta say" then suddenly he reveals a slight grin on the corner of his structured lip. At this point, I had no idea how to react to his comment, until one of his drunk friends interrupted our conversation. 

"Shit dude, you're already wheelin' on some other sexy chick!" The guy gives him a nudge on the shoulder and quickly winks at Matt before he decends. 

I decided to conclude my visit after an obnoxious little situation I got myself into. "You better stay away from my sister if it's the last thing you do." I was too tired to yell, instead I turned away and got onto my car without another glance of the hideous creature before me. 

We drove home in silence not knowing what to say to break the awkwardness we always have. It was another thing we have in common, we think too much. We were born from a mother who also thinks too much. She was the type of mother who would exaggerate over the littlest things in life such as; riding a bike, swimming, going to the beach with guys, attending a club or a party, or even staying over at a friend's cabin for four days. She would literally give both of us a 2 hour lecture on why it was unsafe and what we would do if we were stuck in various scenarios while experiencing the best things in life. Sure, I guess people would call that "overprotective" but sometimes, well most of the time I call that love. It was the only thing I have to live up for, since I couldn't find it anywhere else but at home. Now I understand why parents have such a hard time caring for us when we were going through hormones and shit. My father, on the other hand, couldn't care less about what we do as long as we have friends to do it with. That was one of the things I loved about our family, it was different from all the others.

We ate dinner while watching Chasing Liberty (2004). It is my absolute favorite movie of all times. This is honestly the only chick flick movie I would watch anywhere, with anyone, at anytime. Genuinely, I don't even know why I like it so much, maybe it's because I can relate to Anna Foster too much I can't even believe it myself. 

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