Danielle's POV

Liam and I sat in the back seat of the boys car as we passed through the narrow country roads. He asked me about work and I asked him about the bands plans. We were almost at the house so Liam send out a quick text to alert the boys, after he finished we continued with our conversation until we pulled up outside a pretty little row of house each one similar to the next but with their own unique touches. We all climbed out of the car, Liam and Lou grabbed our luggage before leading us inside.

We went through a small hallway where the boys dropped our bags and directed us towards a door, El pushed it open and I could see the back of Niall's head and what I assumed to be cora cuddled into his side looking like she was asleep however when she heard the door creak open she sat up and turned to us with a soft smile on her face which both El and I returned.

"Hey I'm Danielle, I've heard so much! How are you honey?" I asked trying not to be too precise as I wasn't sure if she knew we knew about what happened.

"Oh hey" she said standing up and walking over to us "I'm okay thanks, its great to meet you both! How was your journey? oh and before I forgot, thank you so much for this I really can't tell you how much I appreciate your help." she replied still smiling as she hugged both me and Eleanor. 

"Yea the flight was fine and we're more than glad to help" Eleanor giggled "plus I've always wanted to visit Ireland" she added.

"Great! Do you want me to show you to your rooms so you can get settled in?"

She asked kindly

"Yeah yeah that would be great, thanks for having us!" I replied glad that we wouldn't have to stay in hotels miles away from the boys.

"Don't mention it, its the least I can do"

Cora took us up to the room me and Dani would be sharing and on the way gave us a mini tour so we could get our bearings. The room was decorated beautifully with duck egg blue walls and white furnishings. I scurried inside before el and chose he bed closest to the window, I placed my case next to. and declared "Mine!" Eleanor rolled her eyes at me before placing her case on the bed I had deemed hers.

"Just make yourselves at home, if you need anything just ask." Cora smiled, her behaviour didn't look 'put on' I was expecting her to be much more broken but I guess she's strong or maybe a good actor, what ever it is I have no need to judge. She was truly lovely and even though we just met I knew we would be friends.

"Thanks Cora," Eleanor chimed "your house is beautiful!" 

"Don't mention it, my mum like to keep it 'fresh' as she puts it." Cora let out a soft giggle followed by a slight, hardly noticeable sigh. "Are you hungry? I can make you something, no doubt Niall's stomach will be grumbling soon anywho" This time it was me and el's turn to giggle.

"Yeah please, if you don't mind." I replied as I really was hungry.

"No bother, you can both unpack or whatever and I will find out your likes and dislikes from my newly assigned kitchen hands, boobear and daddy D" she smiled again before spinning around and leaving the room.

Later on that night after cora, El, the boys and I had eaten our dinner we were all sat in the small living room. Liam, harry and Niall busy watching tv, zayn was on his phone and Louis was off doing something mischievous no doubt whist me and the other girls discussed the plan of action for the following day. Cora had managed to print out pictures of the boys outfits and also a list of where to get them from, she was now busy with a map of the town marking out where each of the shops where and dividing the list into shops so we wouldn't have to double back on ourselves. She had the 'mission' planned to precision. Liam and Louis kindly volunteered (volunteered, blackmailed, same thing really) to assist us with bag carrying and lunch buying duty whilst Harry and Zayn had made plans with each other, so Niall and Cora could have some time together. 

Cora had been able to hide her feelings well but some cracks showed every so often when someone would touch her unexpectedly or if she saw something on tv she didn't like, I wondered if she would like to talk to someone or if she'd rather it wasn't brought up at all. In the end I decided I would discuss it later with Eleanor to see what she thought. We continued to look through the outfits when we came to the final outfit each of the boys were to wear fairly similar outfits which was unusual. They each had a pair of basic jeans and a pair of converse but each were to be different colours, they also all had on a basic top with I love and then one of the boys names, I thought this was a good idea as directioners have a serious love of the bromances between the boys and this would get them all going. Cora told me just to get one of each of the boys names in the same size and let the boys choose which they wanted. The last item on that particular outfit that confused me was a rucksack, why on earth would the boys need a bag onstage so I decided to question Cora on the matter "what's with the backpacks cora?"

"Oh I had an idea about those, I thought we should fill them with merch like tshirts, posters and stuff like that maybe a signed autograph or something and then after the final song the boys can throw the bags into the audience, the fans will love it! Whatcha think?" She chirped in reply.

"Oh wow that's a great idea! The fans will adore that, its so thoughtful!" I replied shocked that her idea was actually feasible.


We finished talking about the outfits and it had gotten late so the boys went back to naillers place and we all went to bed. 

Niall's pov

The next morning Liam and Lou left early to take their girlfriends shopping, zayn and harry had left soon after without letting up on any details of where they were going. I decided to spend the day with Cora so i quickly threw on some sweats and a baggy top, i also grabbed my hoody and threw it over my head before pulling out another and wrapping it over my arm, i knew Cora well so i was already accounting on her attempting to steal my jumper so i brought one for her. i shoved my phone and wallet into my pocked and left the house but instead of going into Cora's house i passed on by and went to the shop down the road. i grabbed some Ben and Jerry's plus some crisps and gummy sweets, i then went over to the dvds a picked out a few chick flicks. I payed the young cashier and hurried back to coras house.

She let me in and i lead her to the living room and handed her the dvds, instructing her to pick one whilst i went to the kitchen and grabbed some spoons. when i got back she had already picked and dvd and was sliding it into the dvd player. we both sat down beside each other as the movie began. "how you feeling love?" i asked as i handed her a spoon and offered her the tub, she dug in her spoon and   tasted it appreciating it greatly.

"im feeling better, i just want to try forget about it and get on with things, this icecream is amazing!" she chirped in reply

"im glad babe, i don't like to see you hurt and if theres anything i can do, even if you just want to talk i will always be here for you. Forever and always 'member?" i smiled 

"aww nialler you big softy" Cora chided wrapping her arms around me, i laughed and hugged her back.

we sat eating and watching the movie when Cora turned to me with a spoonful of ice cream she smirked before smearing the cold runny ice cream across my face and burst out laughing, i instinctly jamp up and let out a scream i then retaliated by grabbing my spoon and loading it up and doing the same to her. we were both covered in icecream and the tub of ice cream was empty when we eventually stopped we both collapsed onto the couch and laughed so hard. once we had recovered i tried to wipe my face with my hand "you missed a  bit" Cora informed me.

"where abouts?" i asked attempting to find it with my fingers 

"il get it" she said after she had managed to get every drop off of her face without fail. She moved cosed to me raising her hand to my chin and whipping of the remaining ice cream  from my chin, she stared into my eyes intensely and i stared back, we both started to move close and before i knew it my lips were pressed against hers, they moved in motion with each other. it felt right. i lifted my hand to her hair and ran my fingers through it, I put my other hand behind her back pulling her closer to me. I heard something but thought nothing of it until the living room door swung open and someone let out a gasp.

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