Truth or Dare ( Percy Jackson characters )

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Chapter 1- Up and Down

Nico walked up to Percys cabin. He was looking for all his friends, he couldn't find them anywhere, he opened the door and saw Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Rachel, Jason, Piper, Thalia and Leo sitting in a circle laughing.

"What's going on?" Nico asked standing in the door way. Percy and Annabeth looked up at him.

"We're playing truth or dare- Piper just had to flirt with Apollo. It was hysterical." Said Percy. Nico looked at Piper she was laughing but looked like she was slowly getting a sun burn. He laughed and sat down next to Leo who was on his back laughing hysterically.

"So who's next?" Leo asked whipping a tear from his eye.

"Did all that laughing knock out the little sense you had Valdez?" said Piper. " I get to ask so... Nico, Truth or Dare?" Nico thought for a moment.

"Dare." Everyone starred at him. "What!" he asked.

"Nico, you might die. Do you have a will yet?" said Thalia. Nico starred at her.

"You're scared of her?" she shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I pick dare so, dare." Piper thought for a moment then smiled.

"I dare you to take a picture of you and Thalia kissing and send it to Hades and Zeus." Nico starred at her.

"Can I chicken?" the whole group shook their heads. "Darn." He stood up and Jason shoved Thalia up too.

"K, I got the camera." Said Leo. He held up a bronze camera with a million buttons. Nico leaned closer to Thalia and she did the same. They were about 2 inches away. Nico gulped and kissed her. Nico heard the click and pulled away. Thalia shook her head then sat back down. He looked at Leo. The camera had printed two copies of the photo. Nico realized he had been closer to her then he thought. He blushed.

"Gimme that." He took the pictures and Rachel passed him a black Sharpie, he scribbled across the side on one. Hey thanks- love, Nico and on the second Hi, dad! What'd ya think? He grunted and waved a drachma in the air. He threw the first picture up and said. "Zeus, Mt. Olympus." Then he fished another drachma from his aviators jacket and did the same, only this time he said, "Hades, the Underworld." A few minutes later thunder shook the globe and Nico squeaked and hid behind the person closest to him- which happened to be Thalia (Nico- Are you trying to get me killed? Me- It's a poissibilty)

"DI ANGELO!" Zeus bellowed from the courtyard. The door of Percys cabin slammed open and Zeus stepped in. "Where is he?" everyone in the cabin was frozen but Nico was trembling slightly hoping he wouldn't notice him. Zeus noticed Thalia. "Thalia! What were you doing with that Underworld boy!" She didn't say anything, just then a giant explosion came front outside- Nico cursed under his breath- usually his dad never checked his mail, why now! The door banged open again and Hades burst in.

'Where is that no good dirty rotten daughter of Zeus!" he looked around the room then saw Zeus. "Why you!-" he steped closer to him and they starred at each other. "I can't believe your ignorant daughter!"

"My daughter! What about your son!" electricity sparkled in the air and the hairs on Nicos arms stood up.

"Whoa, whoa!" said Percy stepping dangerously close to the gods. "this is all a big miss understanding!" the gods glared at him.

"How is there any other explanation for THIS!" Hades said pulling out the picture.

"We're playing Truth or Dare, the kiss meant absolutely nothing." Nico said as he stood up from behind Thalia. The gods stared at him.

"great..." mumbled Hades as he turned into a supernova and left. Zeus starred at Nico then back at his daughter.

"That better have been all, Di Angleo." He said as he disapered. When nico opened his eyes again everyone was starring at him.

"What?" He asked. Leo pointed to Nico side casually looking in Nicos eyes. Nico looked down, he was holding Thalias hand he sceamed and fell over one of the bunks. He sat up to everyone but Thalia laughing hysterically. "Ow." He sat back down next to Rachel.

"So, whos next Nico?" asked Percy. Nico looked around the room.

"Grover, Truth or Dare?..."

Chapter 2-

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