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DING-DONG. My doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Oliver, "Hey." I said.

"Hey." He said back, "So what do you need help with?"

I told you, moving the heavy the heavy stuff."

"Right, what first?"

"My bed."

We went to my bed room and got the base of my bed out and placed it in the middle of the room, The we went to the kitchen and did the table, then couch, the T.V, the bookshelf, the kitchen chairs, the dresser, and the little furniture. Once we were done, we sat down and talked. I didn't want to come right ot and ask, so I started with a starter sentence.

"So,how do you like my place?" I asked.

"It's really nice."


"Ohhh course."

"That's good cause, I want a ask you something."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Ummm, I was thinking since you're soon to be the father that it would be best if you moved in to take care of the kid if i'm going somewhere and it'd be a lot less stressful for me. Please?"

"Ummmm, I did not see that question coming."

"Well, what is the answer?"

"Ummmm, I guees I would. But wouldn't that be weird that we're moving in with each other is we're not even dating."

"It would but I really need your help. Please?"

" Huh, I guess."

"Thank you so much!" I said giving him a friendly hug.

"So, when do you want me to move in?"

" anytime."

"OK, i'll be here in about three days."


Off with that note he headed out the door and into his car. I started to unpack my bathroom stuff and unpacked my beding, comforter, pillow, and blankets. I was starting to feel lonly again, so I sat down in front of the TV and started to watch a parenting video.

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