Stole My Heart imagine fanfic, part 1~

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-This is a love story for Harry Styles, it does have the other boys will be in it later one. It's an imagine.-


You and your friend go out for dinner, you have been best friends for years now, and you're very close. You're going to Nando's, it's your favourite place to eat. Your friend knocks at your door, you run down the stairs and open the door "hey babe" you say and give her a massive hug "hiya" she hugs you back. "Lets go!". You walk to the bus stop, the bus turns up and you get on the bus. You get bored so your best friend turns on her phone and puts her headphones in, she chooses a song, 'One Direction - More Than This' you and your friend start singing, and old lady turns around "please turn that down" she says. You ignore her, as it isn't that loud. When you arive at Nando's, you get off the bus "thank you" you say to the bus driver. You're really excited "QUICK WE NEED A TABLE!" your friend says as she grabs your hand as you run in to Nando's. You sit down, and order your food. When your food arrives you start eating "I love Nando's soo much!" you say to your friend, "Chicken, chicken, chickeennn!" "mhm" you reply. When you're half way through your meal, you see a boy coming towards you, he looks like Niall Horan, but since he has sun glasses on you can't really tell. You nudge your friend as he gets closer, "hey, is that Niall?" you whisper into her ear. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH" she screams. "Shut up!" you say and cover her mouth. He looks over, and comes to your table. "Hello girls!" "OH MY OH MY IS NIALL HORAN!" your friend shouts, "hey..Niall..erm-" "Girls can I sit with you, my friend haven't arrived yet!" he says and smiles at you. "SURE, TAKE A SEAT, DO YOU WANT SOME FOOD?" Niall looks at you, "I'm fine babe, but thanks for the offer" "BABE!" you look at him with your eyebrows raised. "Oh I'm sorry! I forget!" "no no no, I mean wow Niall Horan just called me BABE!" Niall looks at you and laughs "I get that alot" you reply "Oh.. I don't feel as special now.. but can I have a photo?" "Sure" he replies, you look at your friend, she already has her phone out, taking photos. "Hey babe, do you want to be in the photo?" Niall says to your friend "Erm.. okay.. just.. erm.. I don't know.. yes.. please!" he laughs, and replies "don't be scared, come here" he hugs your friend. You look sad "hey babe, give me a hug" he turns to you. You hug him back, obviously.  Niall takes your phone, and takes the photo. He looks at the door, a curly haired boy walks in "HARRY!" you say. Niall looks at you "yes, it's Harry Styles" you scream "aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Niall smiles, "you're very excited to see him!" he laughs. "I love you Niall" "I LOVE YOU TOO!" your friend manages to say, but she can't stop crying with excitement. Niall looks at you "sorry, but I have to go, bye" and he hugs both of you, giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Niall walks over to Harry, Harry says "Hello Niall" Niall replies and smiles "hello". Harry looks at Niall and pulls a confused face "who were those girls that you were with, Niall" Niall smirks, "well-.."


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