"You told me you'd never fall in love, but now that I get you, I know fear is what it really was,"

Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break

Addy's POV:

"Harry!" I squealed laughing, as he was chasing me around for a kiss in the boys' studio. The guys just laughed at him, who couldn't catch me. I slowed down, because I actually wanted a kiss.

"Got you!" he said cheekily, and pulled me close. He softly pressed his lips against mine, which made Liam frown a bit. He still wasn't very happy about me and Harry, though we told him three months before.

"Get a room!" Niall laughed, grinning at Harry, who had his tongue down my throat.

Well, not literally, though.

I pulled out, and he took my hand. We sat down on the couch, me sitting on Harry's lap.

"I love you, Addy,". I turned around to him, and smiled, before answering.

"I love you too, Harry,".


It's over! *quietly sobs* Hope you enjoyed! :D

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