Chapter Seven: Counting Down

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Nathan’s Pov.

I was distraught. I can’t believe im gonna lose the fucking girl of my dreams. I sat there on the wall. I didn’t turn to look at Gee. I know we barley had any time together left. Jay walked out and so did Tom. They both walked over. “Mate?” tom asked. “Nathan are you okay?” Jay asked. “No… im fucking not. I’m going to loose the most wonderful thing in my life” I said. “What mate? What are you on about” Tom asked. “Gee… She’s had two jobs come up… I told her to say yes… She has three months with me then leaving to go to a photo shoot and Tatty has been invited… And then comes back after 5 months for 3 week… then goes away for 3 years… then comes back for a week and goes back for another 4 years for the hunger games 2nd and 3rd film. Im going to lose her!” I cried and tears fell from my face. “Where is she?” Jay asked, starting to panic. “She walked off down the beach. I couldn’t follow her. I know she wants to be alone. And I sorta do too… I can’t imagine life without her now… Tatty has been invited too… to all of them” I sobbed. Jay began running off and Tom put his arm around me. “It’ll be okay mate… Just treasure these weeks” Tom said and pulled me into a hug.

Jay’s Pov.

I ran down the beach. “GEE” I shouted. I ran further across the beach. I saw her the light bounce off her dress. I chased after her. She turned around before I got there. Her make up all down her face. Her eyes red. I pulled her into a hug. “I love you sis” I said and kissed her head as I felt her shaking.

Gee’s Pov.

I love my brother. I know he’ll always be there. He’ll tell tatty later. “Im gonna miss you” He whispered. “I don’t want to go” I said back pulling away. “The hunger games? Josh hutcherson. Shut it” He said and smiled. “It’s your dream” He finished. “Nathan’s my dream” I said. “Anything could happen. In a year you might not love him anymore!” He said. “No. Ill always love him! Especially when im over there. I’ll end it with him when I go to America. I know I’ll have too!” I said. He pulled me into another hug and walked me home. I sat in the villa on my bed alone. I fiddled with my hair and paced around the room.

I heard a bang on the door and Nathan appeared. I breathed in deeply. He smiled faintly. I could see he had been crying. “I didn’t think we’d ever have to say goodbye” I said. He stepped towards me. “please. Can we not waste a single second. We have 3 months and three week together” He said. I smiled and kissed him. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Listen. When I go to America… For the filming of the hunger games… You’re free to date.... whoever... you want” I said beginning to cry. He nodded about to cry. “Just promise you’ll never forget me… ever? And you’ll always love me? Even if im not here” I asked. “Course” He said and kissed me again. “Let’s go to sleep” I said and we both layed down in bed, cuddled up together.

(1 month later)

As I got up I opened up the curtains. I walked over to my calendar… “2 months and 3 weeks together” I whispered to myself. I brushed my hair and straightened it. Me and Tatty had an interview today about being cast for the hunger games. And Nathan and Jay were coming with us.

When we finally arrived at the studio. A short-ish woman with short black hair greeted us and took us into a large room with a huge table. We all sat around it. Jay sat at one end, Then tatty sat next to him. Then I sat next to Tatty and Nathan sat on the end next to me. I smiled at the interviewer as she fiddled with the camera. She nodded. “So, Georgia, Tatty. You’re going to be starring in the hunger games 2 and 3?” She asked. “Yes we are” Tatty said and I nodded along. “So Georgia. What was your reaction when you got that phone call off Kristie, your agent?” She asked. I suddenly felt everything come back to me. “Let’s just say… I was really shocked. I was scared, excited, upset. Every emotion” I said faking a smile. Nathan gripped onto my hand under the table. “Why were you scared and upset?” She asked. I took a deep breath. “Because I have to leave my boyfriend. He means the world to me and I cant imagine being without him. So I think once im off to america. We both go our separate ways. Which I never wanted to do!” I said and a tear rolled down my cheek. “Awh. That’s such a shame. Well… How are you going to cope with the press, interviews and everything else during the filming” She asked. I wiped away the tear and smiled. “Erm Just tell them the truth. Be myself and hope they don’t give me bad press or anything!” Tatty giggled. “Yeah exactly that” I said faking another smile. Still remembering the fact I have to forget Nathan forever.

The interview carried on for another hour before they let us out.

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