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Location: Vancouver Canada.

Age: It's a big group of people, so age is unknown, they are probably from 16-23 it could be higher.

Cosplays: Naruto, Pokemon, death note, legends of korra, kingdom hearts, blue exorcist, and more.

Characters: Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, zorra, the legends of korra cast, blue exorcist cast, L, Light, Charmander, and too many more pokemon.

They join in August 23, 2007

They have as of right now 78,263 subscribers.

They have as of right now21,744,032 video views

Members: (listed by YouTube user names) Twin fools, Nova Vandorwolf, Valdrein's channel, MaviChaos' channel. There are more members just don't have YouTube accounts of their own.

Twinfools usually plays as the main character in videos, or the character that is the craziest because of his personality, like Naruto!

Nova Vandorwolf usually plays as the more quiet type, Like Sasuke or L!

Valdrein's channel plays the awkward characters, or at least makes them awkward, she use to play as itachi but now they have someone else.

They go to lots of cons all over I think America but good luck finding them they seem to be going kinda slow with uploading and stuff.

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