Daddy's here

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(Leah point of view)

I didn't know where i was but i recognized a voice talking and knew it was Riley.  My hands were tied behind my back and I tried moving my wrist around to loosen the ties but ti was no use. I really wish daddy would come and kick his ass.  I heard Riley hangup my phone and chuckle at how panicked daddy sounded. I felt the blindfold come off my face and tape removed from my mouth. 

"Well Leah I tried warning you."

"When Aaron gets here he will make you wish you were dead."

Riley leaned down and grinned wide.

"I highly doubt that."

Riley grabbed me by my wrist and yanked me toward the couch and shoved me onto it. 


Riley walked out of the room and left the apartment. I looked around the room for my phone and noticed that it was on the floor three feet from me.  As fast as I could I ran toward the phone and voiced dialed daddy.

"Riley I swear to god if you hurt her..."

"Daddy it's me."

I heard him sigh in relief.

"Babygirl are you okay?"

"For now yeah but I don't know when he will be back."

"Baby look for something that has his address on it so Liam and I can go get you"

I I saw an envelope on his kitchen counter and got up and shouted it toward the phone so daddy can hear. 

"Okay princess I'll be there soon just be safe."

When daddy hung up the front door opened and Riley walked in holding food for himself. 

"hope you were good while I was gone princess."

"Don't you dare call me that."

"You are not in the position to be telling me what to do now are you?"

He laughed and started eating. Savior your food Riley cause once daddy gets here you won't have any teeth left.  I smirked to myself and thought of all the ways that daddy was gonna hurt him.  AS I was thinking that I heard a knock on the door and Riley looked at me then back to the door. 

"Stay right there."

I glared at riley and looked back at the door. He slowly walked toward it an opened the door slowly. 


Before Riley could finish his sentence he was on the ground and daddy was on top of him punching him as hard as he could. My mouthed dropped because I have never seen daddy like that before. I mean I've seen him fight but everything felt like it was going in slow motion. His eyes were even different. They looked like a sharks right before they were about to kill. 

"Leah lets go now!"

I snapped out of my trance and saw Liam in front of me but my hands were still tied.  He picked me up and somehow ran and pulled daddy off of Riley before he killed him. 

"Aaron lets go before someone calls the cops!"

We all ran out and Liam gently put me in the back seat and daddy sat next to me holding me. He carefully untied my hands and kissed my wrist. He was the full of rage  minutes ago but he is so  gentle  now. But it didn't scare me surprisingly. 

"I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

He looked down but I tilted his head up and kissed him deeply. 

"I love you no matter what Okay."

Daddy nodded and kissed me back and cuddled with me in the backseat the rest of the way home. I love him so much. I only want him and nobody else in this world and I know that as long as I'm with him everything will be okay. 

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