Where You Are

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Talk to me, come to me

I can feel you all around me

Yet you’re invisible to my eyes

L-o-v-e is a word full of lies

Tears fall from my eyes onto my pillow

Now that you’re gone I feel like a widow

You’re not dead, you’re still alive

But you’re no longer in my life

The hardest part is I believed

You really cared for me

I tried to move on and love another

But I can love no one but you

If I could hate you this would be so much easier

But the problem is

I still love you with every piece of this broken heart

No scream will be loud enough for you to hear

No tears will be reason enough for you to care

But if I could see you just one last time

I wouldn’t touch you or try to make you mine

There’s only one thing I would want to say

And though this paper isn’t you…I will write it anyway

I wish you would realize how much it hurts

To be treated like dirt

I wish I could be heartless just like you

But I could never do the things you do

I didn’t know a heart could die twice

But you showed me…a heart can die many times.

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