Chp. 2

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Hope you liked the first chp. Please remember some of the characters, statements, items, and places are from the games, I DO NOT OWN THEM!!!!!!


                     I look out of the corner of my eye and see Lily trembling. Instead of watching her tremble, I hold her tightly. I look around and see parents' heads in the clouds, and other children looking terrified. We come to a screeching stop, the submarine door opens, and Andrew Ryan appears with two other women. Then he says "We will be separating you into groups, please be seated. Just so you know this is Sophia Lamb and Brigid Tenenbaum. We will be leading you to your hotel rooms, Ms. Lamb will be taking the teenagers, Ms. Tenenbaum will be taking the children, and I will lead the adults. Please stay behind your assigned leaders that way you don't get lost." I slowly get up and walk over to Ms. Lambs line, I'm the last person in line, so I didn't really get a chance to say hello before she handed me my keys and sent me on my way. I saw a huge sign tha said 'Welcome To Rapture!' on it. Then I walked up the metal stairs, unlocked the door and walked in. The place isn't too big, but it isn't really small either. I pace back and forth for about five minutes, then I see the door swing open. I run over and give Lily a hug. She smiles back at me and says "Where's dad?" "I don't know I thought maybe he saw you and was taking you to our hotel room. Do you know someone we could ask?" I say. "Yes I do."She replies. She snatches my hand and we run out the door. "Who are we going to ask?" I ask. "Ms. Tenenbaum." She says quickly. I stop abruptly, "What's wrong?" She says. "Well what if she doesn't know?" "We can only hope for the best!" She say , while dragging me the rest of the way. Lily opens the door, walks up to Ms. Lamb and says "Excuse me mam, do you know where I can find Dave Anderson?" Ms. Lamb pats the top of her head and says "I think he volunteered to try adam and plasmids." Then she looks up at me and asks "How old are you?" "Fifteen." I say as fast as I can. "Well, we need a teenage girl to try it out also, would you be willing to? I mean, you could bring your little sister if you would like." She says. I look down at Lily, I figure it wont kill me. "I guess." I stutter. "Good. Come this way." Sophia adds. Lily grasps onto my hand as we make our way to a metal door. "Wait one moment." She says while pressing a small red button to the right of the door, "Dr. Sophia Lamb." She says. "Welcome Dr. Sophia Lamb." An electronic voice says. Lamb nods her head in approval then gestures forn us to walk in. Three white hospital beds sit in the middle of the room. "What's your name my dear?" Lamb asks. "Jane Rosanne Anderson." I say sweetly. "Well then Jane, please lay on that bed over there." She says while pointing to the second bed. I walk over and lye down on the bed. "Sweet little girl come sit over here." Lamb says while pointing to the third bed. I watch her as she grabs a syringe filled with a glowing red substance. I feel the tiny pinch of her sticking it into my arm, then the cold cool feeling of the liquid rushing into my body, I tremble a little bit, then fall fast asleep.

                 I wake up to the feeling of someone running there small fingers through my hair. I open my eyes to see Lily and smile. I shoot straight up and give her a hug. "NIce to see you." She says. "You too." I reply. Dr. Lamb walks in the room with 2 cottenballs and rubs on my father's arm and one on mine. Then she quickly walks back out the door. About 2 minutes later she walks back in with a box ,her clipboard, and three syringes with red glowing liquids. Then she steps out in the middle of the room and says "Mr. Anderson your powers have taken effect, which plasmid would you like? We have Electro Bolt, Incinerate, and Winter Blast." Father sits there for a moment then says "Electro Bolt." "Wonderful choice. I just need you to hold out your arm please." Sophia says. He holds out his arm, then uses one of the syringes. She steps back out into the middle of the room and says "Little girl, I'm sorry to tell you, yours seems to be taking effect, in a different way. Jane however, yours has taken effect. Which plasmid would you like, remember there's Electro Bolt, Incinerate, and Winter Blast. I think for a moment, then say "Incinerate." "Another wonderful choice." I hold out my arm, then she injects the substance into my arm. It didn't feel cold like the adam, it felt like I wason fire. Then the feeling went away. "In order to activate deactivate your plasmid, al you have to do is snap your fingers. Also, you need eve to replenish your plasmids." She picks the box up of the floor and says "In here are 30 eve hypos, don't lose them. And now you're free to go." Father nods and we walk out the door.

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