A memory...

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In some days, i jut wake up in the nights,go outside and watch 

the beautiful and pure sky, as I wave my hand over it, to remark how 

how large is the universe, and how many stars do exist out there...

But suddenly, i hear a softly gentle voice, that whispers "do you like to

watch the sky?"...I replied "Yes.But who are you?And where are you?"

then a painful silent got into me...I remarked that no one was there,

so I thaught i was hearing voices in my mind...But, again, that softly voice

replied:"I am always with you."...The answer left me a little bit frightened, thinking 

i was going crazy, and talked to myself...So, I continued to watch the sky, that 

was full of bilions of stars, yet so full of an empty darkness,that is like to

consume every sparkle of light that was shown over....

Again, i hear the voice that calls over me:"The stars are the sky's most precious jewels.."

The answers were swift and short...I felt a warm breeze cloacked over me.As I talk with the strange voice

seems to be a women's voice:"You didn't answer my question..Who are you?"again the silent covers me..

But suddenly, "she" replies with compassion:"You put to much questions..I am only a lost memory in 

your mind, one that was forgotten, yet now was found again.."

Then i remembered why the voice was so familiar, it was the voice of someone i loved in the past...

I thaught that this memory will haunt me forever, so i tried to forget about her, but i see that now,

it's just reappearing in my mind...Being too nervous, i wasn't noticing that she talked to me and said

:"I see you suffer beacuse of me..I am sorry..".As i hear her innocent voice, i answered:"It is not 

your fault..This magic night made me to drunk with wishes, that i was forced to remember you..So

i am the one who should apologiez, beacuse i forgot, my most precious and deepest memory.."

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