Princeton, Do You Love Me?

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Hey, my name is Lindsey, but you guys may know me as roc royal's best friend. Im 16 but we've known each other since we were 4. I love roc. Hes like a big brother to me. We are always there for each other, and wont let nobody come between us.

-Lindsey POV-

Ughh i hate school. I gotta go to 3rd period. I hate that class. Science is soo hard! Luckily I have roc in there(: I took a seat next to him.

me- hey

roc- hey

Mrs. Brown(teacher)- okay students, settle down and listen. We have a project we are going to be working on. It is due next week. Your partners with the person sitting next to you.

Me& roc- yayy (:

Mrs. Brown- calm down, now you will be researching different DNA samples of dogs. It should be very easy, now get to work.

Me- okay, so roc when do you want to start this?

Roc- umm, let's start it tonight, because my good friend from my old neighborhood is coming over this weekend and I want to hang out with him.

Me-*jealous/sad* okay:( , I guess I will hang out with prod this weekend.

Roc- NO! I want you to meet him please stay at my house this weekend?

Me- okay (:

(bell rings)

Me-*getting up* alright, see you later.

Roc-*hugs me* okay, bye(:

*skips to after school*

Finally school is over! Now I guess I'm going to the library to get some books for mine and roc's project. I went into the library and got everything I needed and while I was walking, somebody bumped right into me and we both dropped our books.

Me- what the heck?

???- I am soo sorry.

I looked up to see this really cute, light-skinned boy with an afro. He had books that had poems in them. He also had books about John Lennon and Misfit. What caught my attention was he had these books about world peace. He's cute and wants to spread the peace? I want him(: He must have been trying to get my attention because he has been tapping me.

???- hello ?!

Me- oh, sorry. Here's your books. *hands him his books*

???- thanks, btw whats your name?

Me- Lindsey, yours?

???- Jacob

Me- well jacob, it was nice meeting you, but I have to get to my best friends house for a project. See you around?

Jacob- yeah, okay, see ya(:

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