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"It's crazy, right? To love someone who hurts you? You know what's crazier? Thinking that someone who hurts you loves you. He put me through hell and I called it love."

| Known as the girl who wore her heart on her sleeve, smiled at everyone and brought life and spark to life, Julie never expected her downfall to be so drastic. Once upon a time, witty, smart and 'out there' Julie Roberts was everything a person wanted in their life. Meeting their freshmen year and instantly falling in love hard and fast, Julie thought Roger was the one.
That was until his true colors washed over him, painting and staining the perfect image Julie thought him to be.
Hopeful and 'in love' Julie never saw the signs until it was too late to go back and erase two years of abuse and mental exploitation.
On a faithful night, she meets a masked man with a charming smile and promising eyes. As the night dances on, they smile, laugh, and allow each other to salvage the spark that ignites a fire long forgotten and thought lost in the both of them. As the clock strikes twelve and they are pulled apart, Julie deflates as she realizes she might never see that man again, not that she ever even got to see his face. She has his eyes to remember him by and the feelings she fails to forget months after that night. The same eyes she stares back on during class time, the same eyes of the person that puts her life before his time and time again. |

Cover By; prosetry

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