Across My Heart (Chapter 2)

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Chapter Two

Camilla : I woke up this morning feeling very tired like always. I knew I should of gone to bed earlier last night but I was too busy watching tv and drawing. Sometimes I draw for hours, some of my drawings don"t even make sense but I don't care because it"s something I enjoy a lot. I went to shower, got dressed and did my hair. It usually takes me about two hours to get ready in the mornings but there's one thing I always have to eat before leaving the house and that is French Toast. My mother makes it for me every morning she knows it's my favorite. My mother's name is Judi, and my father's name is Lorenzo. My parents met when they were fourteen. They went to the same school in France, they right away fell in love with each other and my mom got pregnant when she was fifteen. My dad was not ashamed but my mother was a little worried and scared. She did not want to be seen pregnant at a young age but she knew that she needed to let her mother and father know. When she told her parents who are also my grandparents they were a little shocked but did not punish her. They gave my mother over five hundred thousand dollars to support her and my father and she made them flee out of the country. My mother and father fled to Canada and they started a new life there with me. They did the right thing and that's why I love them so much.

It was almost 8 am and I knew I had to get out of the house to head to school. I knew it was time to leave because Theresa called me atleast 6 times, she always calls me just to make sure that i'm not late. That girl is too funny that's why she's my best friend. On my way out of my house I saw my dad getting in his car to go to work. Before he got in his car he came up to me and kissed me on the cheek and wished me a wonderful day at school. My mother did the same to me. As I started walking I heard a girl scream my name, it was Theresa. She told me to slow down because she had on heals. There's not one day where Theresa isn't dressed super nice and fashionable. She has a good sense of fashion. When I saw Theresa I ran to hug her. I hadn't seen her in like 13 hours ! We walked to school and just started talking about everything like people we don't like and people we like and teachers and what we're gonna do after school and much more. I can tell Theresa anything she's like a sister to me after all. When I got to school Theresa went to cooking class and I went to English class . When I got to class someone was sitting in my seat. A guy. I'm guessing he was new since I don't recall seeing him yesterday on the first day of school. That's when my teacher introduced him to the class. His name was Mitch... He had light brown hair , really pale skin and light brown eyes almost like mine but his were really light and bright . I decided not to tell him to move out of my seat. I decided to sit down beside him. He was beautiful. I didn't know what to say, I was too afraid to say something weird so I stayed quiet. I was hoping we would talk maybe a few minutes after but we didn't. Oh well I had plenty of time to get to know him. We'll just have to see how things go .

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