The twins

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I woke up carelessly in the morning. As Shelley tole me I set the alarm at 7:00 am. Getting up I walked towards my closet and pulled out a navy blue maid outfit. It was newly made and surprisingly fit my size.

My room was in the same floor as my owners. As I guessed, the twins were brothers, Jason and Jacob. My work was to clean this entire floor which has twelve deluxe bed rooms and the twins' room. I can skip the guest rooms on days I feel sick or tired.

Also in the morning at 7, I have to wake up my owner Jacob and serve him breakfast. Around 10 I have to be ready with coffee in Jason's room. Shelley had already told me about their characters. Jacob was the serious one going to work and organising everything.

His twin Jason was the total opposite. He loves staying in the house the entire day harassing the maids. And he had five sex slaves. Still Shelley has warned me to stay away from him as he is really good at breaking hearts and is capable of taking advantage.

The only difference between them was their voice. Jacob had a more deeper voice than Jason. Shelley also added that Jason was very obedient towards his brother. He had never argued with him on anything.

I pushed myself into the shower before getting ready. Then pulled my hair into a tight ponytail and went downstairs. I didn't get much sleep. I spent the entire night with Shelley moving around the house. And the house is so huge that I slept around 3 o' clock at night.

Yawning I entered the kitchen hoping to get my Master's breakfast. As expected it was ready on the counter. It smelled of grilled chicken sandwich with orange juice. My stomach growled as it was still empty.

Taking the clean white tray I carefully climbed the stairs. When I reached the correct door I softly pushed it open and placed the tray on a nearby table. I gasped at the magnificent beauty of the room. It looked like a King's room with smooth wallpaper and deep brown mahogany floor.

There was big flat screen TV attached to the wall. On the right there was a big verandah and on the left there were numerous closets. I eyes them for a moment. I guess there are countless clothes in there.

And in the middle of the room on a big twin sized bed lay a figure. I scanned Master Jacob's face before waking him up. He looked so cute with his mouth shut. He had no shirt on but it seemed as if he didn't cared. He was peacefully dreaming.

"Master its 7am, time to wake up." I said a bit loud so that he might get up. But he didn't even move, not even a single muscle.

I tried again, this time a bit more loud, "MASTER IT'S 7AM."

Slowly he opened his eyes and examined me, "Who are you?"

"I am Giselle, Master. Yesterday you brought me at the auction." I said truthfully. I was a bit nervous as I looked at him in the eye by mistake. Then quickly snapped my neck to face the ground.

"Yeah I almost forgot. It will take time to adjust with you." He stretched his arms and yawned. That made me yawn also. He got up quickly and looked towards the clock.

"Good girl, just continue to work like you are doing. And no need to call me Master just call me Jacob. But remember to call me sir in front of guests." He smiled and went to the bathroom.

A small smile crept across my lips at the compliment. I have made a good first impression. If I keep on working faithfully then might be I won't be beaten up or something like I imagined earlier.

I turned around and left his room. Now I can call him Jacob. My heart danced in happiness at the excitement. I think he is not so bad. I went into my room and laid on my bunk. I still feel sleepy. I can wake up again at 10, then I can wake Master Jason and clean the house.

My eyelids felt heavy and soon I started snorting lightly as eyes were shut. I love to sleep.

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