Chapter One

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Meanwhile, iHack, known to his neighbors as Sam Shaw, was checking the Tweetit page of Katrina Solbay, the teenage daughter of Mark Solbay. The sixteen-year-old boy stood up and began pacing around the room. Katrina had written that in a couple days, she would receive her own iBrain. Of course the CEO's daughter would have the product before it came into market. Sam had done everything possible to get the iBrain before most people. When he tried to reserve a spot on the data page, he was horrified to notice that the earliest date available was on the sixth of March. Wowndzers! People signed up fast. This was no problem for the well-known iHack. In minutes, he hacked the software so his name was the top of the list. He would be the first person to receive the iBrain in the Santa Monica branch of the Apple store. How he was to get there at twelve A.M. was a problem for him. Sam couldn't drive. He had no one to teach him. Like many other computer prodigies over the course of history, he was an orphan. He lived in a government home until he was two. A foster family, who was kind to him, adopted him. But to his great misfortune, they both passed away in a plane accident when he was thirteen. Sam was returned to the government home but he couldn't take the boring, tedious, and worst of all, the computer-less life at the home. And so he escaped. He lived in the streets for two years. He did odd jobs for people until he had enough money to buy the iRing, the latest Apple computer at the time with the exception of the iNails. But like most teenage boys, Sam refused to polish his nails. Using this holographic computer, he began doing what he missed since his foster parents had died last year: hacking. He began doing jobs for people who would hire him. At first, he wasn't so well known. But then, to advertise for his work, he created a data page. His skills began developing. Back then his username wasn't iHack. He made that anonymous username when he managed to hack into the CIA's main data network. From then on, he had to remain anonymous. He was known as Sam, the kid who was good with computers on his street, but online, he was the mysterious iHack. As iHack, people would email him to ask him to do hacking jobs. When he completed the job, money would be wirelessly transferred to the account of a nonexistent person. From there, he would simply hack the bank computers to transfer the money to his own account. The bank usually didn't even notice that something had gone wrong. From then on, he had enough money to comfortably live his life. A few days before he was sixteen years old, he found a nice apartment building in Culver City. He rented a unit as a birthday present to himself. He still lived there since his computer had not yet been traced. He knew that if someone traced him to here, hiding wouldn't help. Everyone in the complex recognized him and he would be found in no time. So he had to be extremely careful to make sure he wasn't tracked. Except for the strong shield he had built around his own computers' software, his only other form of protection was to send random packages and viruses to throw the built in computer securities off track. He was pretty sure he didn't need anything else. He was glad that the International Internet Act had been enforced five years after his birth. Now, every urban location on the planet had wireless Internet 24/7. Since he shared a router with billions of others, it would be difficult to trace his location. Sam returned to his attention to his iRing, logged out of his Sam account, turned it off, and slipped it off his finger. Then, he put another iRing. This was his iHack computer, which he had filled with hacking software and hidden from existence. He turned it on and logged into his favorite blog, Mac Hack. Paranoid as usual, Sam made sure his door was locked tight and his window shutters were closed before continuing to use his computer. Sam purposely had no friends. He had not permitted anyone to enter his unit. He was in constant fear that his iRing would be discovered and people would realize his true identity. If they did, he knew that he would be arrested for life. The person, who hacked into the networks of the CIA, CIOE, the White House, and the FBI, wouldn't be allowed to continue to live his normal life. On Mac Hack, something caught Sam's attention. A post had been put up, requesting the best hackers in the world. The message was mysterious and short. It read, "Are you a great hacker? Do you need a job? Can you hack Mac's? Do you want a lot of money? Would you like to work for one of the biggest computer companies on the Earth? For more information, send a direct message to the blog below." Sam reread the message. It seemed as though it was targeted to him. It was strange but intriguing. He looked at the user's username. It read, "S&K_Droyd." Hmm. Droyd? Was Droyd looking for hackers or was this user simply a Droyd fan? Sam clicked on the user info. The page read, "User since 2/27/2093. Posts: 1." Well, the person seemed to have made the account just for this purpose. Sam was intrigued. As iHack, he sent a simple message to the user. "What would you like the hacker to do and what is the pay? Are you part of the Droyd company? -iHack." He pressed send and waited for an answer. Meanwhile, he wondered how was to safely go to the Apple store at 12 A.M. without his own vehicle. He really wished that he could drive but there was nobody to teach him. The HoverLine closed at eleven P.M. every night. Perhaps, he could get there an hour early. Waiting a little wouldn't be so bad. But what normal person would be taking the HoverLine at 11 P.M.? People who didn't have cars, people who didn't have homes, people who needed money, people who would steal, he thought. Sam shook his head. If his iRing was stolen, his cover was blown. Maybe some uneducated thief wouldn't know about iHack, but what would a thief like that do with an iRing? He would sell it to some low rent computer place. There was no way the people there wouldn't recognize iHack. He shuddered as he thought of some stupid, want to be pro hackers using his There was no way he would let that happen. But he couldn't just leave his iRing home. What if somebody came in and happened to see it? He ran his hands through his thick spiky brown hair, trying to think of a solution. How would he get there? Why did he sign up for such a bad time? But he had to be the first to get it; well the first before the Solbay family and all the important Apple workers of course. He had to get there in a car. He couldn't learn to drive in four days. And even if he did, how would he get his license? Someone needed to drive him. He thought of his neighbors. There was the gruff, grumpy Mr. Hayes who hated him so much. There was no way Mr. Hayes would take him. He could imagine Mr. Hayes rough voice saying, "What misfortune are you up to this time? You want me to help you? No way. What type of sixteen year old kid lives by himself anyways?" No way. Mr. Hayes would just pick on him. There was the Bourdeioux family. Beatrice, Pierre, and their baby daughter, Vivianne, lived across the hall from him. They were kind and either Beatrice or Pierre would take him. He was about to run over and ask until he remembered that they were visiting France for a couple weeks. Sam dropped his head in exasperation. There was Kelsey, the university student, who had just moved in. She barely knew him and would be pretty shleeked out if he asked her since she didn't even know him. The James family who lived above him was kind but the most annoying thing that had ever happened to him. He had always been disturbed by the cries and tantrums of their many young children. Sam didn't think it was right to go ask them for a ride after going up to their unit and telling them to please tell their children to shut up so many times. And there was Mrs. Stewart. She was a tiny, white haired old lady who lived in the unit to his left. She had a strange obsession with him. She would always pinch his cheeks when she saw him. And she always brought him food. This morning, she said, "Oh you poor dear! You're so skinny! How do you manage living by yourself? You are such a resourceful boy. Now think of my grandson. He loves computers like you do, but he isn't smart like you. He just sits and plays games all day. I remember my day and age, when 3D Games had just grown popular. We had big flat computer boxes back then. The 3D TV was God's gift to gamers. I was also obsessed with Minecraft. I was quite a geek in my day. Not like the geeks today, though. I try to keep up with the technology. But there are always so many new things coming out and I just can't buy everything, you know? I don't know how you do it. You are such a young boy. Well, I just made this soup and I had some extra so I decided to give you some. Do you even cook? Or do you order food through the room order? Nothing beats homemade food! Why do you live by yourself anyways? Where..." Sam remembered that he couldn't take it anymore. He had thanked her and hurried back to his room. Mrs. Stewart was also very nosy. But Sam had no other choice. Mrs. Stewart would be thrilled to drive him. Even if he had to put up with her never-ending stream of questions, it would be totally worth it. He could come up with answers to whatever she asked. Yes, he would ask her. It was his best option. His thoughts were disturbed by a beeping noise. He looked at his finger. A hologram popped out. Giant red letters appeared in front if him. "Location tracking attempt! Location tracking attempt!" the letters shouted. Sam doubled tapped the air and a screen popped up. Two options were given: Locate Source and Ignore. Sam tapped on Locate Source. A map appeared, with a large red X on the Droyd headquarters in Silicon Valley. He smiled. S&K_Droyd had attempted to track him. A moment later, a message appeared. "It may be unsafe to transfer this confidential information online. Is it possible to arrange a meeting spot?" Sam chuckled. Someone was desperate to figure out who he was. "I assure you that my online data transfer is entirely safe and protected," Sam dictated to his iRing, "Any information transfer can be done online." 

"Would you like to send this message?" a blue cloud containing these words popped up with a little ping. He tapped verify to send the message.

In Silicon Valley, Rajat Kamoji was ecstatic. He had not only convinced his boss to allow him to send a message to iHack, he had actually gotten a response! Of course, it had been impossible for him to track iHack. Kamoji really wanted to meet iHack. He desperately wanted to see who it was. He tried to subtly suggest meeting the infamous hacker and now he was eagerly waiting for a response. Suddenly, his FingerDroyd lit up. A message from iHack displayed itself. Kamoji's face dropped. Of course, iHack wouldn't allow anyone to see him. Well, it was the only hope he had. He responded to iHack, describing the job request. 

Sam's iRing pinged once again. Sam glanced at the message S&K_Droid had sent. "Very well. As you obviously know, the iBrain is coming out in a few days. We were wondering if you had thought of hacking it. If you are going to attempt this, please inform us. For given price, we would like you to attempt to control an iBrain user's brain, by hacking iBrain." Sam was dumbfounded. He was looking forward to hacking the iBrain. If he could hack it, he would be able to read people's thoughts. He could control a person's entire brain. That wasn't what shocked him. It was the immense number of zeros following the nine in the salary that would be his that did. Without even thinking, he said, "I accept your offer," and clicked send.

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