Chapter 2.

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Kiana's P.O.V: 

I sat down on the blue seat and looked to my left. Oh great. A fat man who snores. Just perfect. I slid my earphones into my ears and started playing "Wish U Were Here" by Cody Simpson. I bobbed my head up and down. I loved this song. Next, Moments turned on. Tears filled my ears. Fuck, stop it Kiana. I couldn't. 

~Le skipping to after flight~

I got my luggage and came off the plane. It is now 7 am. (A/N: okay so I just realized that no one can pick her up so um okay so her uncle who she barely talks to lives there is gonna pick her up.x) Fuck. Shit. Damn. I have no ride. "FUCK!" I screamed. People stared at me. I gave them looks. Then I realized that my uncle lives close to here. I looked on my iPhone and searched his number. "Ello?" He asked. "Um...Hey Uncle I'm at the airport a couple miles from you and I didn't really figure out a way to be picked up...Could you come pick me up?" "Well, I'm be darned. I've missed you Kianabear!" "Uncclllleee I'm not 7 anymoreee." He laughed "I know, I'll be there in 10 minutes, yeah?" "Okay, thanks, bye." I hung up.

~10 Minutes Later~

"Hello, Uncle." I smile while stepping into the car and shutting the door. "Hey, Ki! So what brings you to England?" he said driving. "Um, well, I got excepted into a college." "Thats great! So where do you want me to drive you to?" "My college." I told him the address. After 15 minutes we got there. "Thanks, John." I shot him a smile. "No problem. Ring me anytime, okay?" "Okay, bye!" I got my bags out of his trunk and made my way to the college door and opened them. I walked to the desk. "Ello there! Are you a new student?" damn, she was cheery. "Yes, I am." "Name, please?" "Kiana Louise." "Ahh, here is your key to your room. Have a great day!" I made my way to my dorm, unlocked it, plopped on my bed, took out my laptop, and got on twitter. I saw new pictures of Harry in a morph suit. "What a dumbass." I laughed and closed my laptop. I checked the clock. 10:00am. Hmmm..I could use some starbucks. I put on a petal yellow flowy shirt on, dark jeans, and white flats and started my way out of the college. I texted Caroline & Charlotte and told them that I made it. I walked to the starbucks, but they were closed. I sighed. I might as well get to know the town. I walked around and saw cute little shops. No wonder Louis tweets saying that he misses England. Then it hit me. I was in the same country as One Direction. I tried to stay quiet but I ended up squeling getting weird stares. I laughed and shrugged. I continued walking when I bumped into someone. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sor-.  W-Wait, A-Aren't you H-Harry Styles?" I stuttered.

OKAY. I know this is short, but I will probably be writing chapter 3 tonight or tomorrow. not sure. so fan, comment, whatever! bye xx

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