The judgment of Cronos...

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Your life ended as it began.....Your breath was taken and was given to another

young soul whom had come to this world....Now, you're leaving your body, you are leaving 

your life, letting many who loved you behind, all your friends, all your family, your lover...

You are in front of some strange entity, yet you can't see it, hearing only it's voice:

-Did you live your life well?


-Did you have many people who loved you?


-Do you have any regrets?


-Do you want to go back to the ones who love you?

-Yes, i really want to go back, they suffer too much beacuse of my death..

-You will never go back...Your life ended, it's will ascend to another plain of existence..

-But i don't want right now, i still want to live my life!

-You will stay in darkness, until someday you will accept your fate...


After the soul was banished in the dark, putted to think over and over again

letting the soul to decide when it's the time to leave all behind, the entity has yet another guest...

Another soul, but this one, didn't live a happy life, he was a loner, nobody loved him, he was entirely alone..

He only wanted to die, he was always suicidal, and he hated everything and everyone.....

-Did you live your life well?

-NO!Why do you put such an idiotic question?

-Did you have many people who love you?

-Nun....Again, what's with the stupid questions?

-Do you have any regrets?

-Yes, i really do, in fact a regret is that i can't punch you right now in the face, cuz i don't know where you are..

-Do you want to go back?

-No, i don't want to go back, that world is a cruel and cold place...Why should i want to go back?

-Are your ready to ascend?


-You will go back to another one's life, and when you lived your life well, we will see again....


-You were saying that as if you didn't care what will happen to you....The world treated you as an animal

you were never loved, you never had friends....In order to ascend, you must be in peace with yourself, and to let the past behind

not haunting you anymore....


-Now, begone!You were given another chance to live!GO!

So, the sorrowed soul was born again, another life he was gifted, and in this one, he was a totally new person....He was loved, he was happy...

And, at the end, he came again to the strange entity...

-Dif you live your life well?


-Did you have many people who loved you?


-Do you have many regrets?

-Yes....The regret i let all i love behind..

-Do you want to go back to the ones who love you?

-I really do, but i already lived my life, and i accept my fate as it is...I am happy now....

-Now you are your true self.....You will ascend to another plain of existence, where you will live the life you had inthe past life....But with different people..

So, you won't lost anything of the old life...You are free to go now...

-Thank you, great voice, for giving me another chance....I am at peace now with everything and everyone...My only desire now is to move foward...

So, the old sorrowed, but now happy soul, ascended, and in the place where he went, he lived his life again, exactly the same, but with different people, other souls,

who were given a second chance too...The judgment was just and right....The happy ones who lived their life and wanted to go back, they were imprisoned in time,

until they will accept moving foward, and the others were given another life to live, and they came back ready to ascend....

"The will of time and everything beyond, was made...."

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