Chapter 7- Could it be?

<Darren's Point of View.>

Lord heavens. Lauren fainted.

Why? I have no idea.

But...she said I was cute. I tried to process her words into my brain and think of all the possible meanings for cute. Does she like me in t-the...big "L" way?

No, that can't be. Lauren obviously hates me from the roots of her beating heart. There's no way in this world she could possibly have feelings of love for me.

I should take her to my house and take care of her. Until she wakes up, this is the only way. 

With the ending of my thought, I carried her on my back, and walked to my car. As I started the car, trillions of useless thoughts buzzed in and out of my mind. I guess I'll just really have to take her to the house. I sighed and hit the road.

When I got to my house, I carefully took Lauren out of the car and carried her on my back again. I was surprised since she wasn't heavy at all. She was actually as light as a feather. As I opened the door, I felt a pang of guilt inside of my heart for taking a girl to my house when she fainted. 

Inside, I felt like a pervert but I just decided to get it over with. I set Lauren down on my bed and covered her body with a soft blanket.

I couldn't help but stare at her in awe. She was just simply beautiful. I couldn't believe how many times I had to check if I was drooling over the bed sheets. A while later, I got bored so I took out her phone that I secretely switched with mine back at Starbucks. I plugged my charger in to the phone and waited for it to turn on.

"Whoa" I let out a gasp of shock as I stared at her phone's wallpaper.

It was me.

Her wallpaper photo was ME.


I started to get a headache due to all the confusion in my brain. Lauren Kim. Her wallpaper photo was me. Darren Lee. I just stared at the picture with my face with a blank expression.

What is this madness? Does Lauren really like me that way? I thought she hated my guts! This is all a big lie. I mean, it just has to be.

And...besides. I don't have any sort of real feelings for her.

Or do I...?

Could it be?

That I've been developing feelings for her as well?

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