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Niall's Pov:

Zayn he's being great. He means so much to me. I've grown to care for him with all my heart in such a short amount of time. I've trusted him with a secret that only my mum knows. How am I trusting him so fast? I've fallen inlove with him without even knowing it. There was fear at first but now, It feels right, I can't explain why, It just does. Am I crazy or am I really inlove with Zayn Malik? The so called player of the school. My mum came home today and we had a long heart to heart about everything. We talked over lunch. 

"So sweetheart tell me more about Zayn" She said, I smiled just thinking about him.

"Well he's great mum. I mean really, He listens to me, He's funny, Kind, Sweet, Beautiful, His heart is made of gold, He can be really protective when he wants to be, He doesn't take himself to seriously and his eyes mum there so beautiful I could stare into them all day and night" I exclaimed, My mum chuckled. 

"Well it's granted that he's beautiful Niall, How did you meet him?" She asked. 

"I tutor him at school. I'm in a few classes with him, He didn't seem to happy about me tutoring him at first, He didn't seem to want to take it serious, Then he just changed his mind one day and started taking an interest in me, This is why I'm confused" I replied sighing. 

"Your concerned about why he changed his mind so fast?" She replied, I nodded my head. "What makes you think this Niall?"

"Everything people say about him at school. They said he's the badboy who doesn't care for nobody. Apparently he's never had a girlfriend or boyfriend, But he has loads of meaningless one night stands, I know he's not all bad, He smokes but he's trying to stop and he's never been rude to me or forced me to do anything, I just don't know what to believe" I mumbled, My mum nodded. 

"Maybe your drawing to much attention into the rumors?" She replied. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"I mean, Maybe that's all they are, Meaningless rumors. Or maybe they are true and Zayn has changed, People can change the way they are Niall, If the right person comes along to help them. Maybe just maybe you've become that person for Zayn. From what you've told me he doesn't seem the type to use people, If your heart tells you Zayn's the person you know then trust it, But if your hearts telling you he's what people are saying then walk away Niall, Just follow your heart it will give you the right decision" She said. 

"And it if doesn't?" I asked. 

"If it doesn't then it's a mistake you can learn from" My mum replied, I smiled at her before standing up and giving her a quick kiss.

"Thanks mum" I said before quickly rushing off to meet Zayn. I wasn't going to let those stupid rumors get the better of me, Because that's all they are stupid rumors, I know the real Zayn. 

I saw Zayn sitting down on a bench waiting patiently for me. I smiled before quickly going up behind him and shouting boo causing him to jump. 

"Oh god Nialler you scared the crap out of me" He exclaimed while holding onto his heart. I chuckled before smiling innocently at him. Zayn raised his eyebrow at me before smiling and pulling me into a hug. I smiled before hugging him back. 

"Sorry I'm late, I was talking to my mum" I said. 

"It's fine" Zayn replied, I looked to the ground then faced Zayn with a questioning look. 

"Where's your books?" I asked, Zayn smiled evilly at me. 

"I forgot them" He said smirking, I raised my eyebrow.

"On purpose" I added, Zayn shrugged his shoulders before grabbing a hold of my hand, He began pulling me along with him. 

"Zayn what th-" 

"Come on Nialler have some fun" He stated, I sighed before shrugging my shoulders, Why not eh? I thought before gripping Zayn's hand tighter, Zayn grinned before he began running, pulling me along with him. We spent the day doing nothing but lazing around at the park, We played a small game of football that involved Zayn chucking me over his shoulders, We got some crazy looks but Zayn done nothing but bring me closer to him. He wasn't ashamed of me and it felt amazing to know, We were now currently laid out on the grass talking about nothing in particular. 

"Nialler?" Zayn said. 

"Yep?" I replied diverting my attention from the sky to the boy beside me.

"There's a party on Saturday, It's going to be pretty average, But do you want to come with me?" Zayn asked, I smiled at him. 

"As in a date?" I questioned, Zayn nodded his head. I blushed before replying. "I would love to go with you" Zayn smiled at me before slowly leaning in he stopped midway. 

"Can I?" He asked looking me straight in the eyes. 

"Since when did you ask for permission?" I teased him, Zayn blushed before looking down. 

"Thought I would be a gentleman" Zayn replied, I chuckled. 

"Well don't" I whispered before kissing him softly. Zayn kissed me back straight away, I smiled loving the feeling of his lips against mine, Zayn smiled too before running his tongue along my bottom lip asking for entrance, I granted him entrance straight away. Zayn's tongue instantly began to massage mine. I sighed gently, Zayn gently pushed me back into the grass before laying his body beside mine, He placed one hand on my stomach while mine went to his chest. We pulled away minutes later both gasping for air. I smiled lazily at him before leaning back and closing my eyes. 

"Niall, What are we?" Zayn asked. 

"What do you mean?" I questioned. 

"What are we? As in are we together?" He asked, I sighed. 

"I don't know, I mean I trust you and I really care for you, But I'm just not ready to dive into a serious relationship not just yet" I replied, Zayn nodded. 

"We can go as slow as you want Nialler, I'm just glad your giving me a chance" Zayn said. 

"Why wouldn't I?" I asked. 

"Niall compare yourself to me. Your everything I'm not, You have brains and beauty, Your kind, You've never smoked a cigarette in your life, After everything you've been through you deserve the whole world" Zayn exclaimed, I sighed. 

"All I want Zayn is love, And your giving me love. Your caring for me in ways I've never known" Zayn sighed looking down, He looked guilty? But I brushed it off, Why would Zayn have reason to be guilty?

"In that case, Niall will you take things slowly with me and be my boyfriend?" Zayn asked, I smiled at him before nodding my head. 

"Nothing would make me happier" I replied, Zayn grinned before jumping on me and pulling me into a tight hug, I chuckled before hugging him back. 

"Bad boys not so bad after all" I said smirking. 

"Oh shut up" Zayn replied before kissing me passionately. 

You have to take risks if you want to find love. I was taking a massive risk with Zayn despite all the rumors, Warnings and seconds thoughts. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I'm an expert on this and Zayn? Well he's teaching me to love again.

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