Back to the story.........

                                   So, Mrs. Petunia............ I had no idea what to reply back to her.... She made me feel, lets just say, puny........ Hate that feeling.

    "Well, Ms. Perfecionist! What is your answer?!," Mrs. Petunia screamed making even tiny comments from the other girls fade away.....  "Well Mrs. Petunia, as you know, no one is-," I could even say before Mrs. Petunia yelled, "I don't want a lecture from you retarded liitle girl!!! I only lecture in this room..... YOU UNDERSTAND???!!!!" "Yes I do mam but i was just going to reply about my homework," I said as inncocent as I could be. "Excuses, don't work in my room........ Now tell me where is your homework???!!!," Mrs. Petunia  says a little more softer than before. "I-III l-left it i-in m-my l-lock-ker miss......," I managed to get out of my mouth. " Do you know the consequences Ms. Angie you little-," The school bell interupts Mrs. Petunia. I was saved...... *Relieved* "I will get to you later ms. know-it-all.... Thanks for wasting my time which will result even a bigger consequence....," Mrs. Petunia whispers which sends chills sliding down my back along my spine. I walk out of the classroom as girls start gathering around me, calling me all these mean names and bad words. Some were even cussing at me..... rude...... "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LIED TO US, YOU WERE SO COOL BEFORE......," one girl from the mob yelled. All these mean things were bringing me down. No one in like the school liked me anymore. They all ignored me and whenever i tried to talk to someone, they just did that or they said bad and rude things to me. I started to feel like I didn't exist anymore and I was like a ghost. I know some of you guys or girls wouldn't care in my position. Well I do because the situation got even worse.


       This chapter stunk i know. Didn't have much great ideas..... sorry.... just needed to update something and think of more ideas..... wel anyway i hoped you enjoyed though it was really bad! :)

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