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"NO!" Jordan was about to touch the tree again but Chandler still had great strength and pulled him away.Jordan tried to escape Chandler's grip, but it was no use. Mary was gone.

"I say, Jordan. She's not dead. I've almost found a way to free her from the tree, remember?" said Val in his way of comforting.

"NO! I need her now! I need her with me! I need her by my side!" Jordan broke out in sobs.

"I can't let you get captured by the tree. You need to rescue Amy and Allen and stop Wood!" Chandler said.

But he wasn't thinking about anything but Mary. He knew that Val would free her, but what if he miss calculated and end up killing Mary instead of freeing her.

he resumed struggling to escape Chandler, but ended up using all of his energy. So he just kept sobbing.

"Jordan, I will not tolerate this nonsense over something we can fix! You should be crying over killing your father! Now get up and stop bawling!" Val had become irritated.

But he just sobbed more over both. It felt like two killings in one day.

Chandler took Jordan's shoulder and turned Jordan towards him. Then he violently shook him.

"Jordan! You need to snap out of this. Val is right. We can figure out how to free Mary," Jordan had just noticed how deep Chandler's voice was for such a small guy.

But he kept ignoring Chandler and kept crying. Finally, he had had enough. Chandler held Jordan in position with one hand and with the other hand, smack Jordan about five times.

"Ou!" he cried.

"you need to get a grip. I'll do it again if I have to."

This time, he gathered himself up and wiped his eyes.

"You're right."

"Oh thank the Lord almighty!" said Chandler.

"Thank you! Now, let's get started on how to free your friends. Chandler and I shall find out while you, Jordan, shall rest. I highly doubt you have for a few days," Val gracefully lept into his house.

"You gonna be alright here all alone?" Chandler asked before following, his eyes filled with concern for his heartbroken friend.

"Yeah," Jordan replied.

Chandler crawled inside.

Jordan had no other place to rest but outside on the solitary dirt. His leg ached, his head ached from the events and thinking of what he was losing, but most importantly, Jordan's heart ached for Mary's comfort.

                                                               *                  *                 *

"Jordan! JORDAN! Wake up! You won't believe what we've found!" Jordan jolted awake, worried that Chandler and Val need his help yet again.

He pushed himself up to his feet and ran to the hut. Chandler and Val were in no danger. They were sitting on the floor with the notebook open and seemed to have no self-conscience.

"Chandler! Val! What's going on!?" Jordan staggered, still dazed from his wake-up call.

"We found out why Wood needs your soul!" Val snapped his head towards Jordan.


"You and several other kids your age have pure souls. Souls that are willing. I don't know how a fool like yourself could have a pure soul."

"Thanks, Val. I suddenly feel so much better about myself."

"Good. Because, my God you need to."

He crawled to Chandler.

"What's Val talking about."

"You need to be prepared for killing. As soon as Wood sees you, he'll send out a hormone like with bees and yellow jackets that will alert his monsters that you're here. They'll kidnap you before you can get a chance to even think about what's happening," Chandler was still frozen, eyes still clung to the page.

"O...k... so what now. Should I catch Wood while he's not near his creations?"

"YES!" Chandler and Val said simultaneously.

"Okay, okay. How do I know when he comes out?"

"How else. Val's going to do one of his magic tricks on himself to spy on him," the Markering tried to explain.

"I don't think you'll need to anymore!" said a voice from behind Jordan.

"Why not, Val?" Jordan was unaware of the voice change, still in his morning stage.

"You idiot! It's me! Wood! And I've brought your little friends along, too!"

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