Chapter 4 ;)

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We put on Ted and watched it!! It was hilar!! I love it:D i don't think Brooke did mind but who gives a......

Brooke cut me out of my thoughts by saying i have to go, school tomorrow remember;)?? Noooo i forgot about school!! Byeeeeeeee Brooke love ya see you tomorrow we ended up kissing each other on the cheek and she left!! 

Tyler had a confused look on his face and so i said 'we're not lesbians we're just ultra good friends yaaay!! She is amazing!!'

'I can tell!!' 

Tyler came and sat where Brooke was sat which was on the floor in front off me, yes Brooke likes to sit on the floor but why is Tyler sat there??

'Why are you sat there??' 

'Oh i dunno felt like it;)'

'Right ok:D!! Anyways i know your new to this area but did you get into my school?'


'Ok so we will have to leave at half 8 to get there for 9 and then when we get there you can go off if you want all stick with me and i will introduce you to my group  of friends??'

'Ok! How many other friends do you have?'

'5 why??' 

'Because i will have to see how many others i will have to get approval off for me to get ready to ask you out;)!!

'Well I will have to give you a heads up, The 5 that are left are all boys!!'

'Damnnnnn that makes it harder!!'

'To make it even more harder there all very protective of me!!!'



Me and Tyler both greeted Brooke and we walked to where we usually sat at lunch!! Time for Tyler to meet the lads and here's to great banter about to begin!!

'Hey lads, this is Tyler, he will be living with me for however long and that's it i think!!'

THe boys all looked up in shock!!!


Right this book is crap and so i am going to stop writing it cause no one reads it and no one votes so i am going to stop, sorry to anyone who was reading it!! But to be fair that is only one person who reads it and there one of best friends so yeaaaah!!! Byeeeee!!! 

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