*Amy's POV*

I went to the only other place I could ever call home: Kevin's house. He was sweet, and wouldn't give up on me. I could relate to him in more than thought possible. He had his own car, so he could drive me places, and both of us were born in the same place! I knocked on his door, and the door cracked open in seconds. He stood their with an eye-to-eye grin, and with wide eyes.

"Vas Happenin'?" I asked. I had heard it so much that I ended up picking it up from Amber. Amber was a Directioner, so she continuously made connections to One Direction.

"Hey!" His smile grew wider and wider by the minute (if possible). I smirked at him. He could always make me smile.

I walked in, and he slammed the door behind us. We both stood awkwardly in his den until he said, "how's Ryan and you?"

"Done." I said simply.

"Oh..." he didn't seem to worry about Ryan though, which bugged me. Now I see why Ryan and Jake are so much closer.

"Wanna go for a ride?" I was uncomfortable for an unknown reason. He pondered this for a moment, and grabbed his keys.

The drive was fun. Me and Kevin talked about everything but Ryan. Kevin and me also played truth or dare.

"Truth or dare?" I asked Kevin in a sweet tone.

"Truth." I was thinking of a question. Instead of asking him the question that I really wanted to ask him, I settled for an easier, more general, question.

"Is there anyone at school that you would date?" I asked, thinking about my best friend Amber. She had a crush on him, and would do anything to be in my shoes.

"Maybe." Was all he said.

"That's not accurate enough..." I pushed. I wanted something nice to tell Amber later.

"Well...there is this one girl..."

"Who!?" I yelped loudly.

He hesitated. I stared at him with wide eyes. 'Say Amber, say Amber' repeated in my head.

"You..." he whispered. The arch in my back fell, and my head turned to one side.

"Wait, What?" His eyes stayed focused on the road for a moment, then he parked on the side of the road and slanted his body so that he was facing me.

"Look, I know you like Ryan, but I don't care. I really like you. How dare he break up with such a wonderful girl. Funny, sarcastic,"-he made the same face I made when I was being sarcastic-,"and beautiful! I would treat you way Better than he ever would! I love Ryan, like a bro, but he is a dick. The way he treats women disguises me."

I stared at him. So this is how he felt. I thought about it. Is this why they were growing apart? Did I break a great friendship? I jumped when Kevin's phone had went off. I had buried myself, deep in my thoughts...

"What Ryan?" Kevin asked grimly.

"Hospital?" His eyes widened and my attention was focused on Allen. "Okay." Kevin hung up the phone, threw it accross the car seat, and drove faster than thought possible. I held on for dear life. What was happening? I tried to say those words verbally, but I couldn't. They were stuck in the back of my throat. Allen could be dead. The only family I had left, gone? He was all I had, and the last thing I said to him was 'no Allen. You can fuck off! I'm talkin' to Ryan right now, so go be jealous somewhere else!' That's the worse thing I had ever said to him...

My mom. I still have my mom...

My mind was engulfed in these thoughts like my life had depended on it. I zoned back into reality once again, and saw my life flash right in front of me. The car went flying over the road, and that is all I could remember before blacking out completely.


I woke up in a hospital bed. I was in a very uncomfortable position, and felt dizzy. I looked over to see Lewis peeking at me from the corner of his eyes.

"Lewis? Wha-What?" I was confused. Why was he here?

"Hey. You remember me?" He asked.

"Duh! Why wouldn't I?"

"You and that Kevin dude got in a car accident, and you hit ya head perdy (pretty) bad..." he said quietly.

My hand flew up to my head, and I felt a soft material. Lew frowned. "Is Allen okay...?" My heart beat grew faster and faster as I waited for him to say it. Allen was it. The only person I could call my flesh and blood at this point. And the last thing I said to him... That would hunt me forever...

"Allen's fine, but Ryan..." Lewis began...


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