So it's midday. James is out for a bit so I'll fill you in on my morning.

I woke up with the feeling of something on my cheek. What the hell was it?! Maybe it was some sort of giant moth!! No... no... It wouldn't be that.

"Morning Charcoal" A deep voice came.

Ok. So it was a boy on my cheek.

I opened my eyes and saw James lying next to me. He was running his fingertips gently across my cheek and smiling at me.

"Morning Superman" I said groggily trying not to breath on him.

"Sleep well?" He said still gazing at me.

"As well as I could've"

"I'm glad. I have to go soon"

"What? Why?" I said frowning.

He chuckled at me then rolled off of the bed. It was only then I realised he was wearing proper clothes and not pyjamas.

"Calm down Charcoal. I'm going to the doctors"

"Oh my God! I'm gunna kill Tom!" I said leaping out of bed and checking his eye.

"I'm fine! My mum saw and I told her that I walked into a lamp-post. But she is insisting that I see a doctor"

I relaxed a little and let my arm fall to my side. I stretched and padded over to my wardrobe to try and find some clothes. James sat down on my bed and caught the stuff I chucked behind me while delving into the realm of Narnia.

"So what you gunna do today?" He said laughing as I chucked out half my wardrobe.

"Don't know. Dad will probably go out with your Dad and my Mum will shop all day for dinner. So I guess I'll do something with Nicholas and the Devil"

James laughed loudly as I finally picked out something I could wear. I left the room mid conversation and returned almost immediately wearing my picked outfit. After brushing my teeth and combing my hair.

(I have gotten extremely good at quick changes lately)

"So what are you gunna tell the Doctor? He's got to know a punch when he sees one"

"I'm hoping that it will either be a Doc who is near blind so he can't see it, or some hip new Doc who'll let me off the hook"

"When have you been that lucky?"

"Never I guess"

"Also, where is your other brother?"

"He is stayign at my Aunt's in Brighton. He was going to come but I convinced him to stay put"


"Well he's your age. Knowing my luck, the folks would've made me share with Nicki and you share with him"

I laughed at him and practically doubled over!

"You complete and utter psycho!" I breathed out over my laughing.

"What! I think my point is valid!"

"You persuaded your actual brother, to stay in Brighton away from his family because you were afraid that he may or may not share a room with me!"

"Well... Yeah!" James said throwing his arms in the air.

"Did you ever consider that maybe I had already dibbsed this room for you?"

James gave me a funny look before going to speak but then stopping himself. "No. I never considered that"

"Well maybe you should've" I said walking over to him and brushing a piece of black hair out of his eyes.

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