Embraced by Death

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<3 Bryan actually crept into my mind last night as I was trying to fall asleep. (yeah... that was fun..) And because of that invasion he will get his very own bonus chapter after the end of the book. I never planned on writing anything slightly resembling his point of view... but I just could not help myself.. and I ended up writing a rough draft of the bonus chapter on my phone right away... so much for sleep... ^^

Anyways... back to where we left off... <3

My weapon landed on the hard concrete floor with a loud clang that echoed off the walls.

My breath came fast, hard, panicked. He was here, Bryan was here, he had known what I was about to do, and he had stopped it. A pathetic whimper made its way past my trembling lips, as I stood frozen in front of the monster that lurked right behind my back. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body now. Bryan's other hand slid slowly around my waist, and pulled my trembling body flush up against his own, effectively capturing me in the menacing embrace of his own body.

"It looks like someone has been a very, very naughty girl." His cold voice vibrated against my right ear, and sent a shiver of pure dread through my spine and all the way down to my toes.

Dear God.

No, no, no, no, no...


My eyes stayed locked onto the forcefully widened, terrified eyes of the ruined man before me, while Bryan nibbled on the skin right below my ear. I could have sworn that I felt his warm lips stretch into a huge smile as they kissed their way down my neck, and pressed themselves against the icy cold skin right above my collarbone.

The mental image of him smiling scared me more than anything else in the room at that very moment. I could not help but imagine the smile his lips now held to be the twin of the smile he had given me right before he had jabbed his finger harshly into the crevice located between my thigh and vagina, I could not help but remember how he had made me scream. That wicked smile had me trembling in fear, so much so that my legs gave out, and the hand Bryan had placed around my waist was the only thing holding me up.

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I have no choice but to hurt you now love...

You broke your promise, and now I will break mine...

The memory of how his velvet voice had mocked me before he had hurt me the last time, replayed itself in my mind, again and again. The imaginary sound of his glee filled voice tore another pathetic whimper from my trembling lips.

"Please..." I whispered, not even daring to hope that he would somehow go easy on me, because I had learned the hard way that he had a sick way of trying to fix things with pain.

Dear Gods... He is going to try and fix me now.

You dont hurt the ones you love! 

I almost whispered the thought screaming in my mind out loud, maybe saying the words out loud would somehow stop him, maybe it would make him let me go. But the echo of his angry words held me back. He would never let me go, he would never set me free.

Because I love you, and I dont want to fucking kill you! 

I knew without a doubt that Bryan loved me in his own twisted way, I knew it to be the truth just as much as I knew that he would use that truth to justify hurting me. He had done it once already because I broke my promise to him, whats to stop him from doing it again? How would he hurt me this time? I wanted to scream, but I struggled to even find my own voice at the moment.

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