I looked inside to see the walls covered with pictures of Louis and his family. They all looked very happy and some of them they are doing funny things, like rolling down hills or piling on top of eachother. I smiled to myself as i stepped through his hall and looked at the photos. I don't know where i was walkig to but i just continued to look at the pictures. Louis was smiling in each one. One at the beach, one at a wedding, one on a couch. Even one when he was younger holding one of his sister. His smile was in every picture. 

'Lou, you look so natural.' I commented, earning a laugh from Louis.

'Thanks Haz.' He passed me and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me into a very sparkly kitchen before stopping. A young Woman was dancing around to Warzone by The Wanted.'

'Mum' Louis said, but the woman didn't hear him. The Wanted were singing the chorus, and Louis's mum was singing along. I smiled as i watched Lou turn bright red with embarrassment and his mum dancing around the kitchen.  Gemma would Dance around our kitchen but it would be graceful and practiced.

'Mum!' Louis tried again, she still didn't hear him. He looked at me and gave a shy apologetic smile before looking back at his mum. That shy smile sent my heart racing, So i had to take a deep breath to calm my self down.

'MUM!' Louis shouted, his mum finally hearing him. She looked at him and then at me, so i gave her a little wave. This made her jump and then turn the radio off, Making Louis laugh beside me.

'Oh, HI love. Who's this?' She asked.

'This Is Harry Styles' He said. I smiled and offered my hand out so that she could shake it, but she pulled me into a hug. 

'Oh, Hi Harry I'm Johanna, but please call me Jay' She let me out of the hug and smiled at Lou.

'Is this the boy that...' Louis gave her a look which cut off her sentence. I looked at Louis and saw him look at the ground. I smiled before walking back over to his side, But once i was there Lou smiled at the ground. 

'We're going upstairs mum' He said before holding onto my wrist and pulling me in the direction of his stairs. 

'See you in a bit boys!' Jay called from the Kitchen. Louis took the stairs two at a time, so i tried to copy, but caught my foot at the last second. I was falling towards the wodden stair, but Louis caught me within seconds.

'Mind your step' He winked at me, causing a blush to roam across my face. I stood up again and continued up the stairs more carefully, feeling like a boit of a fool for falling on the stairs. Louis pointed out his sisters rooms before he came to his door at the end of the hall way.

'Well, here's my room Haz.' He winked again, his hand holding onto the door handle. He opened it and i was blinded by the amount of light that the room gave off. He had a huge window facing some fields on the opposite side of the room and the walls were painted white. He had a few posters but they were all hung in frames as they looked vintage. He had pictures of him and his sisters and him with his mum by the bed, which was a double bed, and a few pillows on the imacuatly made bed. My mouth fell open, which made Louis laugh, as i stared around the room. I would have thought that he would have pictures of his friends everywhere but there were none.

'Sit on the bed' Louis said as he pushed me gently into the room and shut his door. I did what he said and sat down. He followed, but grabbed his laptop which had been hiding on the side, and sat in the middle of his bed.

'Come and sit next to me' He patted the side next to him, before opening his laptop and turning it on.

'What are you going to do?' I ask, pointing to the screen. He smiled and then pointed to the small camera at the top

'We're going to take some Pictures' He said with a smile as he opened the camera on his laptop

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