Tales of Life

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Darian had known joy in his short life. He had known sorrow as well, Darian had known many thing for one so young. Yet he had never known hate. He had never looked into the eyes of another and found the black holes of the abyss. Darian was ill prepared for the true nature of the world, for in all the things he had known in his short life. He knew nothing of helplessness, knowing that no matter what you may do it will not make a difference.

                Darian had been one of the lucky until the day he was not. He had known much for one so young and he was about to know much more. Darian was about to die, having known so much he knew it to be so. For they had told him it would be so. “Darian,” they said, “you are about to die. How does this make you feel?” He had only stared back for he had been scared. The dry chuckle had found a home in his ears. For as they cut off his head all he heard the dry chuckle, the chuckle that spoke of so many things unknown.

                Tales of the Ignorant 

                The second battle of Kings Burrow was a short bloody massacre, the forces of Callahan the Third were obliterated with the precision and finality that only the gods could engineer. It was, all agreed the will of the gods. Mankind, the chosen race, the youngest of the races was by right of racial supremacy the de facto rulers of the world.

                Where the legions went, opposition fled, melting into the wind as though they were never there. It would seem that the Rulers of the World had a ruler of their own. Ishmael the Iron Bound. His empire stretched from the seas of Rashmire to the Mountains of the Damned . His strength unopposed, his rule supreme, until the day he died.

                Tales of the Damned

“Come love, I need to get on with the day.” It was not said unkindly, but the slight annoyance was clear none the less.

Callahan didn’t care in the least. Pulling her even closer to him he whispered in her ear. ”I am not ready to lose you, not today.” He spoke quietly, hugging her tightly letting the aroma of her fill every one of his senses. It was as close to bliss as he had ever been and he was not ready to lose it, not yet.

She relaxed, “Come now,” she said reasonably. ”I will be back after my day, as will you, it is not the end my love just a new beginning.” It was one of her favorite sayings, had been since her mother had died.

Sighing Callahan relaxed his grip on his love letting her get up and begin to dress. She was a goddess perfect in every way. Entranced Callahan watched her walk out the entrance. Without realizing, he got up to follow. Catching her eye as she turned around he smiled his heart full of love.

Caught up in his eyes she failed to see or hear the galloping horse charging down the road. Sped by his urgency and safe in the knowledge that no one would hinder a king’s messenger the horsemen never thought to slow down or change paths. The collision seemed to take an eternity. Callahan watching in horror as his world was shattered in an instant that lasted an eternity, an instant that would haunt him for a thousand years.    

Tales of the Haunted

The sun belays the true nature of the world.

The beginning -a time for hope,

The middle- a time for joy,

The end - a time to remember,

                Tales of the True

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