Walking into the kitchen i realised everyone was there. Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor. I noticed Niall wasnt there.

“Are you okay?” Perrie asked.

“Uh Huh” i said setting down my things on the table and glancing in the large mirror in the kitchen. I loooked like crap. My top was still hitched around my stomach. The waist of my underware was showing and my hair was messy. Mascara was down my face. I had to admit i had had better days.

“God i look shit” i thought out load.

“Are you okay?” Liam asked although perrie had already asked the same question.


Just then Niall walked in looking pretty crappy too. He walked in a locked eye contact with me. I stood with my arms crossed across my chest and could feel the tension in the room. It was so thick i could almost cut it in half with a knife.

“so, who wants tea?” Danielle asked reminding me that there was others in the room.

We all went into the living room. With mugs of tea. All 8 of us. Everyone seemedd aware that me and Niall werent talking so they let us keep our distance.

“What are we doing for Liams birthday” Niall blurted out. People say he has a thick irish accent but i dont realise as i have a very similar accent.

“We should have a house party.” Zayn answered.

“Hmmm” i mumbled.

Everyone was looking at me as i sat and bit my nails.

“A bit more enthusiasm would be appreciated Emma” Niall spat.

“Oh bug off!” i replied.

“What the hell is your problem! I didn’t do anything and your treating me like shit!” he shouted.

“How about confusing the shit out of Niall? Huh? You think you can try make out with me and when i tell you we should stop you run of in a huff!” i spat back.

“WHAT! What the hell! Niall i told you and Harry there was to be no funny business while Emma was here.” Liam shouted.

“Liam calm down we didn’t do anything.” I reassured him.

“Its not what you did its what you were going to do!” he replied.

“Jesus Liam maybe if you didn’t force her into not having a boyfriend and scaring her into ever taking risks then maybe she wouldn’t have come onto me?” Niall said rather bitterly.

“Niall! Who the hell do you think you are? Its none of your business what i do with my life, as to coming onto you? Your the one who was going to kiss me in the kitchen. And then try get me to take my clothes of for you.” I was really angry at Niall now.

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