Savannas P.O.V ( chapter 5)

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Savannas P.O.V

I felt terrible for ditching stephanie at the mall but I couldn't bring her and Harry but she would have under stood it right? I mean it's are one month anniversary,

While me and Harry were at Starbucks I got a call from Stephanie so I answered it

"where are you" she asked I told her I was sick. And told her I had to go.

"who was that" Harry asked.

"oh no one" I said.

We got up and walked away and I leaned into kiss Harry as we walked but not five minutes later someone started taping on my shoulder as I turned around in the corner of my eye I saw Stephanie and the anger in her eyes. I was busted.

She yelled at me which seemed like for ever I couldn't even speak I was frozen, I watched her run away covering her face. Not only did I know I hurt my bestfriend I possibly just lost my best friend.

"what just happened" harry asked all concerned.

"I'll tell you later I just need to go home Harry I'm so sorry" I Said while holding back tears I kissed him goodbye and walked away trying to call stephanie. I walked to my car still calling her and she wasn't answering.

I didn't want to drive I just wanted to sit there and wish I never did that, but After waiting for an hour and me to calm down some what and calling stephanie 34 times and no answer I decide to go home still I no position to drive I deiced to go home.

While driving I got a text from Harry saying

"thanks for ditching us on are one month anniversary babe"

That's when it hit me the tears came back and my hands hit my face my day was getting worse and worse after a second or two with my hands off the wheel I put them back but I was to late I slammed into the back of an old lady's car and went flying out my seat but luckily my air bag flung out saving my life. But before I could realize it another car slammed into me it was like a train. I got out my car I could barley walk I was dizzy and everything was spinning

I fell to the floor and Blacked out I woke up not much later in an ambulance

"what happened" I said while holding my head

" you blacked out and got a gash in your head during the accident were taking you to the hospital" the guy in the ambulance said

" was everyone okay? " I asked

"yes everyone's fine would you like for us to call anyone to come see you?" he asked

"yes did you get my phone?" I asked

"yes we thought you would want it" he said as he unlocked my phone

"can you call Harry and Stephanie please" I said before I passed back out.

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